Terms and Conditions

1. You agree that these details confirm your booking with EMOT for your wedding photography.

2. You agree that EMOT reserve the right to assign the most suitable photographer for your wedding.

3. Your allocated wedding photographer will contact you 4 weeks prior to your wedding to introduce themselves, confirm and go over your final details and any special requests.

4. EMOT reserve the right to change your allocated photographer should a situation arise. In the unlikely event that your allocated photographer is unable to complete your wedding coverage due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness or serious injury; EMOT will provide an alternative most suitable photographer to cover your day.

5. You agree that you have read and understood the EMOT services as outlined on this website.

6. You agree to adhere to the payment schedule you selected at the point of booking as outlined on our website. All amounts payable under this Agreement are inclusive of GST.

7. EMOT Photographers are governed by the restrictions imposed by some churches, locations and venues. Some locations restrict the movement of photographers and potentially the use of flash. It is the responsibility of the client to determine if any restrictions will be in place for the locations they have chosen to have their photographs taken. The client will need to inform the photographer, prior to the wedding day, of any such issues/restrictions.

8. If your wedding photography or Moving Picture videography is cancelled your EMOT Booking Fee will be forfeited. A $400 cancellation fee will apply for each service booked. All other monies will be refunded.

9. Any additional costs required, such as permits to photograph in national parks, on beaches or any other public places that require permits, if any, are the responsibility of the client. It is also your responsibility to obtain any permits prior to the Wedding date and provide the photographer with a copy of any relevant documentation if needed.

10. You accept the responsibility to notify EMOT in writing no later than four (4) weeks prior to the wedding if there are changes or alterations to the date, venue or time of your wedding. Please note fees may be incurred.

11. Although you will own the copyright of all images, you agree to assign “usage rights” to EMOT for the use of any of your images for promotional and marketing purposes, and/or for entry by our photographers into professional photography competitions etc. You agree that Emot may share your images with venues, vendors, and partners for promotional and marketing purposes. Please contact office@emot.com.au before your wedding if you would not like your images used for promotional and marketing purposes.

12. You agree that EMOT shall carry out this assignment with due and professional diligence however there are elements beyond our control including faulty materials, digital capture and transferring of data, equipment failure, industrial disputes, civil disturbances or weather conditions which may inhibit or prevent EMOT from completing in whole or in part the assignment. We cannot guarantee that any specific image requested will be captured. EMOT shall not be liable for the complete performance of the assignment and it is agreed that the liability of EMOT shall be limited to a refund of all monies paid under this agreement, which shall be in full and final satisfaction of any damage or loss suffered by you.

13. If the photographer is required to attend the wedding for more than 8 hours, it would be appreciated if a meal could be provided.

14. By booking Emot you agree that Emot will be the sole professional wedding photographer booked for your wedding.

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