Top 8 Winter Wedding Ideas

The cooler weather is approaching, which means beautiful winter weddings! If you're a fan of the cooler months (which feel few and far between here in Australia) then you will love these winter wedding ideas.

There's something so special about a winter wedding. They have the potential to feel intimate and cosy and when matched with the right wedding venue your wedding screams winter wonderland.

Winter in general is magical in itself, coupled with a wedding - you're in for a truly breathtaking winter wedding day. From the smell of rain, the winter clothing, the hot drinks, the comfort food and more... there's so much to love about the season.

If you're planning the ultimate winter wedding, here's everything you need to know to host the most spectacular and memorable winter wedding. We hope you find plenty of inspiration and winter wedding ideas!

bride with umbrella at Winter wedding in Sydney

  1. Winter Wedding Location

If you're hosting a winter wedding then the wedding venue is immensely important. The wedding venue will play a vital role in not only creating your wedding day's aesthetic but also making sure your guests are comfortable.

Although you might have winter wedding ideas of it being outdoors, you might want to reconsider this winter wedding plan when you factor in the rain, wind and cold.

There's some locations that will be ruled out if you're planning a winter wedding. For example, hosting your winter wedding in a garden or at a beach doesn't sound too luxe when it will be raining.

However, as much as there no-gos for winter wedding spots, there also magical winter wedding ideas for the venue that you will leave you in awe...

Just imagine an enclosed barn venue, yacht club or renovated warehouse. Kept warm, lit with beautiful fairy lights and styled to your winter wedding ideas. Now that's a winter wonderland theme we would love to see.

Don't be afraid to choose an alternative venue for your wedding if you think it will suit your winter wedding ideas better.

Hot tip (or should we say cold tip?), when choosing your wedding venue make sure to ask the venue manager how rain proof the roof is, the heating options available and how practical the venue and reception space is for winter weather. The last thing you want is everyone drenched and shivering whilst they boogie on the dance floor.

bride and groom at wedding ceremony in Winter in Sydney

  1. Embrace The Cold Weather

Once you've picked your wedding location, now comes the fun part... decorating!

With the right decorating, winter weddings have the potential to be truly breathtaking.

We might not get snow in Australia (mostly) however, we do get rain!

Rain offers such a beautiful backdrop, reflecting lights and offering a glittery glow to wedding photos. Keep an eye out for wedding locations with big windows to make use of the stunning backdrop rain can offer.

winter wedding flowers

  1. Seasonal Wedding Winter Flowers

When it comes to styling, it's those small details to your wedding day that will turn your winter wedding into the winter wonderland you're dreaming of.

A fantastic way to achieve the ideal winter wedding aesthetic is by choosing seasonal winter blooms such as hellebores, poppies, tulips, sweet peas, anemones and/or dahlias. These flowers can be used for the bouquet, for your tablescape décor and even to use as the garland runner. Sprinkle pine cones along the table setting for a winter cabin feel.

Give a selection of dried flowers to your flower girl on the day to throw as she walks down the aisle. Or opt for potpourri to offer beautiful scents as the dried flower petals are thrown.

If you're wanting to play on an American winter wedding festive feel, decorate with fake snow, evergreen trees and even candy canes for a Christmas winter wedding setting.

Regardless of which winter wedding theme you choose, candles and/or fairy lights are a must to achieve that warm glow you see at winter weddings. Fill your winter wedding with a beautiful warm glow by creating a candle-lit aisle that leads to a stunning floral chuppah - a photo-worthy spot to say your vows!

winter wedding dress

  1. Winter Wedding Dress

The winter wedding dress alone is a reason to choose a winter wedding over a summer wedding.

Beautiful long sleeves, gorgeous lace, ethereal tulles and chic satin - the winter wedding ideas for the winter wedding dress are incredibly flattering.

Whilst summer wedding dresses are often short sleeved, made of lighter materials and consist of less fabric overall - winter wedding dresses are the opposite. With more fabric to work with, there are so many stunning winter wedding dresses that compliment all body shapes.

Feel like a true snow queen with the gorgeous winter wedding dresses available.

Make your winter wedding look pop even more by adding a bright red or dark wine lipstick. The red lips will look gorgeous contrasted with the moody greyness from the winter weather.

Pair your outfit with a faux fur stole or sleek bridal shawl incase you get cold. The perfect way to complete your winter wedding look for your winter wedding outfit.

winter wedding food ideas

  1. Warm Comfort Foods

If you're having a winter wedding, you'll be spoiled with winter wedding ideas for food!

With the colder weather, your guests will be wanting to warm up with delicious hot meals.

Choose a hot buffet option with roasted vegetables, slow cooked meat and/or warm pasta salads. Or you can even take your wedding up a notch with a cheese fondue! It might get messy... but it would be oh-so worth it.

Create some winter nostalgia and spread baskets of warm bread rolls across the long table with the option to spread butter. Not only do they make for a delicious table setting but they also provide a warming family style dinner aesthetic.

For dessert, serve your wedding cake with warm custard or opt for a dessert menu with warm stick date pudding or pumpkin pie. Keep your guests warm and find away to toast marshmallows over the fire!

Or if you're keeping dessert traditional with a wedding cake, decorate the winter wedding cake with what reminds you of the winter months! Think: white chocolate, chai, pumpkin spice and/or cinnamon sticks.

There's so many options when it comes to winter wedding food ideas.

couple kissing in rain at Winter wedding in Sydney

  1. Hot Chocolate Anyone?

Listing winter wedding ideas wouldn't be complete without a special mention of a yummy hot chocolate and hot drink menu.

When the temperatures drop, everyone loves a hot drink. Whether it be a warm cup of tea, hot chocolate, pumpkin spice latte or mulled wine - your guests will be in heaven with a selection of hot drinks to choose from. Plus: they taste delish served alongside a slice of wedding cake!

One of the best winter wedding ideas is having a self serve hot chocolate and mulled wine station where guests can pour themselves delicious warm drinks. It's the perfect way to keep guests warm and happy.

When cocktail hour strikes, offer hot cocktail options that play off winter favourites. For example - apple pie cocktails, hot chocolate and baileys, cinnamon and tequila... need we say more?

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  1. Keep Your Guests Warm

Speaking of keeping your guests warm, with the cold weather it's important you keep in mind how warm or cold your wedding guests are feeling at your winter wedding.

This can be hard to judge at times especially if you're moving around a lot or feeling anxious as your body heat will be running warmer than usual.

To make sure everyone is feeling comfortable at your winter wedding, have blankets available for guests to grab if need be. Keep the heating on at all times and ensure there's hot drinks available for guests to drink.

If there's candles, make sure they're lit. If there's a fire place, organise for wood to be available.

Also allow easy access to the coat check incase your guests need to add layers during the ceremony and the reception.

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  1. Sprinkle Winter Wedding Ideas... everywhere!

Take advantage of the beautiful season by incorporating beautiful winter wedding ideas into your big day and reception!

Decorate the place setting with a theme featuring winter branches, frosted garden roses and candles for the tablescape décor.

Include snow flakes, white cherry blossoms or a winter theme on the winter wedding invitations that are sent out to guests initially and on the place cards that they find on the winter wedding table setting.

On the dance floor you can hang fake snow or snow flakes from the ceiling or disco ball. You can even request winter themed wedding lighting to really get the wedding party started!

Make sure the winter wedding ideas flow across both the wedding ceremony and reception to create a harmonious narrative across the entire day.

couple holding umbrellas at winter wedding

Winter Wedding Made Perfect

Once you begin thinking of winter wedding ideas, they're never ending!

There's so many beautiful elements to consider about a winter wedding. From the wedding dress, the wedding cake, the cocktail hour and the wedding party - you can really make your winter wonderland dreams come to life.

We hope you've found these winter wedding ideas helpful.

bride and groom dancing at wedding in Sydney

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