Why Do You Need A Wedding Video?

Wedding Video

Don’t compromise on the precious things that will last a lifetime. This is the day that you are going to remember for the rest of your life. 

The most important day of your life is captured on video, to show your children and then your children’s children

Getting your wedding video on film means you can relive your special day for generations to come. You can laugh at your dad’s speech, your friends slurring their words, and even you walking down the aisle.

If you are still not convinced on a wedding videographer, let’s take a look at just how special it can be.


Why Hire A Videographer For Your Wedding


The Unseen

On your wedding day there are so many distractions and people that want your attention. From walking around saying hi to everyone, to the sit down speeches it is impossible for you to take in everything going on around you. Wedding videography captures the precious moments you both might miss.

Those little moments are what makes your day all the more special, so having the right videographer will capture those moments and create a spectacular finished memory.

Movement, Changes The Story

Having a photographer is vital for a wedding. However, photography is a still image and cannot capture the movement of your day.

You have already designed a beautiful and quality wedding so having a videographer can let you relive the moment whenever you want to. There are so many different moments throughout your day, having motion allows you to tell your beautiful story, from your vows, to your first dance. 

These moments are priceless, so getting the right videographer to create your wedding film allows you to keep hold of them forever.


The audio of your wedding is such an important part of the day. A wedding videographer will capture the audio of your special day. The music you walked down the aisle with, to being able to hear your vows.

Having crisp and clear audio allows you to experience the best day of your life all over again. Not forgetting anything and reliving those amazing speeches (even the cringe ones)

Share The Experience

Another huge factor to having a  video on your wedding day is that you can re-share the video to your friends and family that may not have been able to make it. 

Giving them the chance to enjoy the experience with you. Having something that you can cherish and share is a huge part of your big day. Remember, your wedding day lasts one day, the video will last a lifetime.

It’s clear that having a wedding videographer is an important part of your wedding and should certainly be part of your budget.

So how do you find the right videographer for you? let’s look at affordability.

Affordable Wedding Videography

Talking about getting a videographer is great. Understanding the benefit of a videographer is also great. However, sometimes you have to look at how practical it is to use one.

There are many different videographers around, but are they affordable for you?

Many videography companies offer this service and it can cost a fortune, sometimes it feels like the national debt. However, some companies offer incredible and affordable pricing. For example we offer videography packages, making it easier for the wedding couple to afford, ensuring that the packages are designed to cater for your needs.

When it comes to picking the right videographer to share your special day with, you could just pick anyone, literally as simple as typing into google ‘wedding videographer near me’ or ‘affordable wedding videography Melbourne’. But is this going to get you what you need?

Picking your videographer is more than just randomly searching google, this may initially help you find companies to look at. Be sure to remember, it’s about finding someone who can relate to you and your significant other. Someone who can tell your love story, they don’t need to be an award winning company to do the job you need.

The idea is to get someone who can capture that special moment for you and have the experience and knowledge to understand how to make your video unique and special. Be sure you ask them to show you videos that they have done prior to you onboarding with them. If you need help with picking the perfect videographer for you, then feel free to get in touch with EMOT.

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