Our Favourite Wedding Trends of 2022

Attention love birds, here we spill the tea on the 2022 wedding trends we've loved so far! And, spoiler alert... they might not be what you first thought!

Wedding trends in 2020/21 were a little bit unexpected as many couples had to postpone their wedding day due to COVID-19 restrictions. As COVID continued to interrupt wedding plans over the past few years, wedding trends changed from big and elaborate to a small guest list with an intimate location.

Although these surprise changes came as a shock at first, quickly wedding planning got creative with the wedding ceremony, reception and wedding parties. Nothing was going to stop couples celebrate love!

With the last few years of trial and error, now wedding planners were fully equipped to make weddings feel like a special day no matter what curve ball was thrown in their direction. Now that we're well and truly into 2022, we're celebrating the biggest wedding trends that you will want to remember for your big day.

couple signing marriage papers at Perth Registry Office

Weekday weddings

We're currently in a wedding boom! With lots of engagements and weddings in the horizon.

With restrictions eased, 2022 has seen a great increase of weddings! The demand for wedding photography, wedding flowers and so on is unbelievable. This has lead many brides and grooms opting for weekday weddings instead of the traditional weekend wedding trends.

There's lots of perks to booking your wedding day Monday - Friday. Due to more availability, you're more likely to be able to book in the wedding trends you've always dreamed of having!

Imagine not having to change the wedding photography, easily organise the floral arrangements and create the exact wedding style you're after - this can be achieved with a weekday wedding!

Just remember to give your guests the heads up on the invitations. Most guests will need to book off work and might not realise it's a weekday wedding.

bride walking down aisle with father during weekday wedding


Elaborate wedding trends are in and quick and easy weddings are out!

Perhaps it's having more time in quarantine or maybe it's less money spent on a destination wedding - we're unsure of the specifics but couples are going all out on their big day.

From the wedding dress, to the hair accessories, the wedding venue and even the thoughtful gift bag items - so many couples are giving more time and money to their decor and entire wedding day.

With travelling still in question, destination wedding trends have taken a step back. Although this does mean your dream of a wedding in Hawaii might not be achieved instead, more couples are coming up with fun ideas to create the perfect wedding in Australia.

You can expect more personal touches given to the guests experience. Think: more expensive wedding dresses, personal welcome notes, quirky wedding trend activities and elegance throughout.

photo of bride getting ready before wedding

Backyard wedding

Next up in 2022 wedding trends is... backyard weddings!

A few years ago many engaged couples would not have dreamed of having their big day in their own backyard but now, times have certainly changed! More and more weddings are being planned at home, allowing greater flexibility with wedding planning in case any unexpected lockdowns do occur.

Although some may think casual, quaint and quiet when we mention a backyard wedding... that couldn't be further from the case! Depending on the backyard, some backyard weddings opt for micro weddings whilst others are filling the place to the brim. Either way, the backyard wedding delivers an impressive celebration.

By saving money on the wedding venue, it allows for more time for couples to bring their wedding inspiration to life.

Do you want to bring your "Sustainable Weddings" Pinterest board to reality? Have you always dreamed of big wedding puff sleeves on your wedding dress? Or perhaps you have a fun wedding trend you've always wanted... here's the perfect opportunity!

Backyard 2022 wedding trends are allowing for more freedom of choice! With more freedom to do as you please, it's no wonder why this has become a preference for more couples.

bride and groom captured by wedding photographer at Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat

'Anti-trend' trend

The thing about wedding trends is that sometimes they can go out of trend. Here's where the 'anti-trend' 2022 wedding trends come in.

Commonly contemporary weddings are hosted at a fancy venue with all of the white and pretty style and traditional romance we're familiar with. There's the wedding ceremony, white roses, a big wedding cake, the first dance and so on. However, couples are choosing to throw away these wedding trends and create their own wedding party.

Out-of-the-box ideas, unexpected decor, alternative wedding dresses and unique colours and styles. The engaged couple are on a mission to break tradition and make specific memories on their special day. Breaking the rules has never been so fun!

2022 wedding trends are welcoming just about any- and everything.

bride and groom livestreaming wedding in Perth

Digital experiences

Since 2019, technology has advanced incredibly. From how we work in our jobs, to how we interact with our friends and to even weddings! Technology has transformed many aspects of our lives.

For weddings, there has been an increase in virtual save the dates, websites for weddings, more sharing of photos from the wedding on social media, digital photo albums, as well as recording the wedding to screen for family members who can't attend the wedding. There's many new and advanced digital wedding trends!

Considering we live so much of our life online, this shouldn't come as a surprise. However, we can't help but feel impressed with each tech trend that develops! Especially for weddings.

registry wedding in Perth Western Australia

Micro weddings

An interesting wedding inspiration has been the romanticising of micro weddings.

Many brides and grooms are leaning towards less guests and more intimacy. This means only inviting the intimidate family, giving up a big bridal party and having smaller wedding parties. This promotes presence and allows the newlyweds to tie the knot with those who they feel closest with.

Micro wedding trends are growing in popularity with many people seeing the great benefits they can offer.

bride and groom on beach after Fremantle wedding

Out with a bang!

This brings us to our last of the 2022 wedding trends.

2022 is the year when everyone wants to celebrate. Any chance people can get to celebrate, they're taking it... and we couldn't be more for it!

With the mood for celebrations in the air, this means people are finishing off their wedding day with a bang!

Think big. Big fashion. Big flowers. Big colour. Big celebrations. There's no idea too big.

Brides are going all out with their dresses, sourcing local fashion designers and showing off their sense of style.

Wedding styles aren't afraid to include colour either with plenty of flowers, splashes of very peri and thought given to the wedding vendors.

Guests are splurging more on their own outfits too with stylish mini dresses, impressive tuxedos and head-turning bridal party outfits.

The mentality for 2022 wedding trends: go big or go home.

bride and groom laughing after Canberra wedding

2022 wedding trends

Over the last few years wedding trends have ebbed and flowed. Now, in 2022, weddings trends have truly grown and flourished.

Although there are many new and exciting weddings trends that have appeared in recent years, one trend that continues to persist is - bringing your own wedding day dream to life.

When you look back at your wedding photo album, you'll want to see all of those small and personal touches.

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