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For those who have never bought a wedding suit before you might be thinking - "isn't it all just the same thing?!" Look, we can see where you're coming from (not really) as they all have a jacket, a tie and a pretty flower or pocket square poking out of the pocket. But boy, this is only where it begins. There are many MANY different wedding suits to choose from. Let us fill you in...

Here, we cover all of the wedding suit inspiration you need to make sure you feel confident for your wedding day. Whether you want to keep your big day a casual wedding attire event or, you want a formal wedding to wow your wedding guests - we've got just the look.

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Casual groom suit

A casual wedding is growing in popularity with many wanting to keep their wedding day small and intimate. This means less planning, less people and more time to focus on what is most important... your wedding style of course!

When it comes to a casual groom suit, there's a lot of flexibility. You can keep it simple with a crisp white dress shirt, beige or black pants and a matching jacket. For casual wedding attire, you can choose whether to opt for a tie or not. Bows and ties naturally make a suit look more formal so if you're wanting to steer away from a formal dress code, consider dressing tie-less.

When it comes to colour for a casual dress code, there's plenty of suit ideas you can choose from. For summer outdoor weddings you might want to choose a floral three piece suit or, for an indoor church wedding you can keep it classic with a basic black. Don't be afraid to add personality to your groom suit with a bold color or print.

Overall, the wedding suit for a casual event has a lot of flexibility. Remember to keep in mind the wedding day style, destination, and the look of your wedding party to make sure everything fits well with each other.

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Formal wedding

Formal weddings mean luxe, class and dapper grooms. You want to put on your A-game if you're styling your groom suit for a formal wedding.

Three piece wedding suits for formal weddings are a non-negotiable. Plus, you'll need all of the bells and whistles to go with. The suit, the crisp white shirt, the tie, pocket squares, cuff links, the shoes even the socks - the dress code for formal attire involves it all.

Although formal wedding suit inspiration might seem to have more rules at first, there's lots of ideas you can add to your groom suit to make it feel more you.

Depending on the wedding day style, you can mix things up by choosing a different color. Perhaps a light grey suit, navy blue suit with matching navy bow tie, dark suits or even a tan suit. Or, you can keep it classic with a traditional suit with a black tie or black bow tie or even opt for a black tux for a James Bond aesthetic.

Once you begin shopping around for your formal wedding attire, you'll soon discover there are heaps of choices that will meet your personal style.

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Summer wedding attire

Summer weddings are very popular in Australia with plenty of opportunities for a stunning beach wedding during the warmer seasons. When choosing your groom style for summer wedding attire, you'll be spoiled with fun and comfortable options.

It's important to keep in mind that if you're having your wedding day during summer, then it's going to be hot. Especially if you're having a destination wedding at one of your favourite beaches or an outdoor wedding in the park. You'll want to stay away from heavy fabrics and consider opting for lightweight fabrics such as a linen suit.

Wedding fashion for summer weddings can vary depending on the look you're hoping to achieve. The groom suit can be a simple tan suit to match a beach wedding, or the groom suit can be a colorful suit with flowers and beautiful pastels such as light blue and pink.

For a daytime wedding in summer, a light suit color always evokes style. As the sun sets and evening rises, choose dark coloured groom suits.

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Vintage wedding suit

When it comes to vintage wedding suit inspiration - we simply can't help but fall in love. There are so many gorgeous fabrics, colours and styles to choose from when it comes to a vintage wedding dress code.

This is the perfect opportunity to whip out your old favourite movies and flag your favourite suits the grooms are wearing. We recommend watching The Great Gatsby, Casablanca or even The Godfather for vintage wedding suit inspiration.

Think: the three piece suit, classic style and rich dark colours. Hair is always combed and presented neatly. Bow tie perfectly fitted and expensive cologne sprayed generously. If this doesn't get you excited to dress up, we don't know what will!

Choose from an old-school black tux, a stunning tweed suit, a satin black suit and black tie or even a velvet navy suit. Add a modern twist to your groom suit with a Rolex or personalised cuff links.

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For winter weddings

Winter weddings are a great opportunity to show off your style. With the cooler weather, it means you can wear more layers, allowing you more opportunity to style.

Winter weddings can be a formal look or a casual event - make sure you confirm what kind of wedding style you're having with your significant other.

For a winter wedding, dark and rich colours always make for a stunning wedding suit. Consider choosing a blue suit, dark green suit, navy suit or even black suit. You will want to stay clear of light grey as you could find yourself disappearing into the setting (if your wedding is outdoors) in your wedding photography.

Add a splash of colour to your groom suit by popping a bright flower into your jacket pocket. Reds and greens will add an eye-grabbing pop or, choose the colour of your wedding day's flower arrangements.

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Choosing what to wear

When choosing your wedding suit, it's essential you talk with your partner too. Your wedding day might have a specific colour scheme and wedding style, chat with your partner to make sure your wedding suit matches your wedding style.

It's also important to remember you're choosing the groomsmen suits too. This can feel like a daunting task, but when you're talking with your partner and getting their opinion on your wedding suit - you'll feel much more at ease.

When all else fails, always choose what you feel best wearing. If you want to wear that colourful suit with feathers - the why not!? How you and your other half feels is what matters most.

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