Wedding Props to Enhance Your Photos

Wedding Props

Planning your perfect wedding day is a big undertaking. So let’s not overwhelm you, let’s just focus on one thing for now. 

Just think about decor and photo options. When planning what you want your photos to look like there are so many options it can make your head spin. But don’t stress, we’ve compiled a list to help you through this process. 

First, just think about whether you want to include any props. And when we say props, we aren’t referring to everything included in a normal photo booth prop kit, like fake moustaches, though you can have them if you want, anything to make your day as perfect as possible. 

But, what we’re really talking about is twinkling lights, sparklers, flowers and balloons, everything that creates the atmosphere of your venue. 

Using props to style or theme your wedding is an individual preference, but there are a range of pros to using them. Some positives of using props include:

  • Allows you and your guests to add some fun and personality to your wedding photography 
  • Props can add elegance
  • Create unique photo opportunities for you and your guests
  • Add to the atmosphere.

We have outlined the following guide for some of the perfect props to include to style your big day and photo opportunities that they provide. 


Adding a lightsource into your wedding decor and photos can enhance your photos by adding to the atmosphere. There are various types of lights that lend themselves perfectly to creating unique photo opportunities. 

Some great light options include:

  • Fairy lights – whether twinkling or constant, fairy lights create a fairy tale atmosphere. An idea using these lights is to use them to frame the bride and groom and blur the lights to create dreamy wedding photos, after all your wedding should be a dream come true. 
  • Sparklers – perfect for adding a touch of warmth to your nighttime shots. Sparklers are also a great way to get your friends and family involved in the shots.
  • Hanging light bulbs – hanging lights help create a bohemian atmosphere. They add a touch of warmth and brightness. 
  • Spotlight or large torch – when aimed at the correct angle behind the couple, spotlights can help create romantic silhouette pics on a wall. For the best silhouette photos it’s important to make sure there’s no other bright lights around. 
  • Candles – the warm and subtle flickering effect that candles produce is perfect for lining pathways around your venue to help frame or add direction in your photos.  

Smoke Bombs

Smoke bombs are perfect for adding a pop of colour to outdoor photoshoots. 

To create various surreal and colourful photos you can use a range of complementary colours and positions of the smoke bomb. A few options include:

  • Have the bride and groom each hold a complementary smoke bomb and let the smoke frame them;
  • Sit the bomb at the couple’s feet and let the smoke drift up around them; 
  • Have a guest or two hold the bombs off camera and create a pattern around the couple while they pose together, holding hands or kissing. 

But that’s just a few options, your wedding photographer will have many ideas for unique photos. 


Flowers are a popular accessory for any wedding, especially in bridal bouquets already, but have you thought of including them in your photos?

Artificial and real flowers are so versatile and add a natural touch to any area and photo. 

The options for floral shots are endless, but if you want to inspo to get you started, here are a few ideas:

  • Bouquet shots – During bouquet toss, bouquet with wedding rings, bridal party with bouquets.
  • Arbour – Decorate your arbour or archway with flowers to add a pop of colour and take photos with the happy couple and guests underneath.
  • Take photos in gardens (if it’s an outdoor event).
  • Create a flower wall backdrop to take photos in front of. 

These ideas should get your creativity flowing, but your photographer will also help you with ideas on the day. 


Balloons are a great way to add colour to any shot. 

You can choose balloons in colours that match your style or opt for themed balloons. There are many wedding or love themed and shaped balloons that will enhance your photo opportunities. 

Balloons can be used as a handheld prop or arranged to create a beautiful backdrop or archway. 


Backdrops are a special way to enhance the atmosphere of your wedding venue while providing a perfect place for you and your loved ones to pose for Insta-worthy shots. 

Backdrops can be created using anything that compliments your theme and venue. Some great options include:

  • Flowers
  • Balloons
  • Lights
  • Sheer curtains – this also looks great with twinkling lights behind

Your options are as endless as your imagination. Dream to your heart’s content for your perfect big day. 

Photos Perfect to Frame

Now that you have a plethora of ideas to consider, you can start planning what your perfect wedding day looks like. 

Our professional photographers will work with you to get all the shots you and your partner want, plus they will also help you style more. So you’ll be able to frame all your happy memories to reminisce for years to come. 

Emot is passionate about providing you with the wedding photos of your dreams. We proudly offer our wedding video and photo services Australia-wide. Check our availability for your wedding date here.

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