Do You Need A Wedding Planner?

Wedding planners, are they worth it?

Congratulations, you're getting married! Now comes the fun (yet often stressful) process of planning the wedding... eep!

If this is your first time wedding planning then you might be unsure on what exactly is involved in the wedding planning process. When you begin researching the steps involved, you'll soon realise just how much planning is involved (A LOT). Here's where wedding planners make life much easier.

Many couples choose to hire a wedding planner to make the wedding planning process smoother, avoid unnecessary costs and reduce stress overall. Weddings ultimately should be fun, exciting and one of the best days of your life. The last thing you want is to be stressed for your dream wedding.

If you're unsure whether you need a wedding planner, we're here to help. In this blog we break down everything you need to know about wedding planners and whether you may or may not require one.

wedding ceremony at ocean view estate in Brisbane

Reasons to hire a professional wedding planner

Time is of the essence

Wedding planning takes a lot of time. From choosing what flavour cake, to the wedding vendors, to the ceremony location on site - there's a long to-do list. It's much more than what two people can handle.

If you and your partner are also working full-time or have kids and/or family commitments, it can be next to impossible to find the time to plan an entire wedding too. Here's where wedding planners take a huge load off the planning process.

Depending on your needs, wedding planners can work as an assistant to you or, take full control as a full service wedding planner so you don't need to do anything (although you might want to stick around for the cake tasting, it's delicious!)

If you already have enough on your plate, contact a wedding planner to help you with the wedding planning. It doesn't need to be stressful.

Save money

It's certainly a challenge trying to stick to a budget, let alone a wedding budget! If you've ever given yourself a limit for groceries only to find yourself $50 over... well, you just might need a wedding planner to keep you in line.

Planning a wedding involves many costs, more than you initially realise. A wedding planner knows how to designate your wedding budget efficiently if you're running low and to prioritise if you're unsure where to start. Often couples are surprised they save money by working with a wedding planner, avoiding unnecessary costs they would have otherwise bought.

Speak to your wedding planner openly about your wedding budget to make sure you can plan your big day without the hefty bill at the end.

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Big wedding ceremony

If you're wanting to go all out on your wedding day with an iconic wedding venue amongst the magnificent rose gardens in Melbourne's south east suburbs well, you just might need a wedding planner to help with event planning.

If you're investing in a big wedding ceremony, you want to make sure everything runs perfectly. There's nothing worse than thinking everything has been ticked off only to realise there's not enough seating for your family members or the band doesn't have connection to power. Be warned, these hiccups can happen!

A professional wedding planner knows all of the ins-and-outs of a big wedding day, and will guarantee no beat is missed. From helping find wedding venues, and sticking to your wedding budget - the wedding planner is here to guide you through every step.

Big wedding reception

If you're planning a big and extravagant wedding reception, you might need the help of a wedding planner to assist you. Especially if you're also planning a big wedding ceremony prior!

A big wedding reception involves more planning compared with a smaller wedding reception. You'll need to find a large enough wedding reception venue, efficient caterers, appropriate decor to fill the space, enough alcohol and plenty of seating. To put it simply, everything needs to be bigger, and still look good too.

Often couples who take on the challenge of planning their own wedding, sacrifice aesthetics for practicality. However, this doesn't have to be the case. Hiring a wedding planner means you can still obtain your dream elegant wedding venue whilst also catering your longer guest list. Lots of family members? No problem!

Never sacrifice aesthetics. Trust us, once you see your wedding photos you'll be relieved you invested in that vogue ballroom wedding reception or impressive disco ball.

photo of bride and bridemaids at Brisbane wedding

Dream wedding planning

Wedding planners have a valuable network of contacts within the wedding industry, allowing them to work their magic to bring your dream wedding to reality.

Wedding coordinators will ask for your wish list for your wedding day and bring together their knowledge, experience and unique set of skills to make it happen.

Just imagine an elegant wedding reception venue with sparkling crystal chandeliers and a grand ballroom for your first dance. Or perhaps, a Yarra Valley wedding reception with the summer's open air freshness. Speak to a wedding planner to see what's possible!

Stress free

Planning a wedding can be stressful. Anyone who has planned a wedding before will agree. There's many steps and processes to go through to bring that magical wedding day together. Sometimes it's simply much easier and less hassle to reach out to a wedding planner for professional help.

Wedding planners are incredibly efficient. As their career specialises in coordinating weddings, they have a vast amount of skills and experience that will greatly benefit your wedding planning.

Something as simple as setting up wedding websites for you and your partner offers a great deal of stress free planning that many couples might have not considered. Hiring a wedding planner takes a huge amount of stress off you and your partner so you can enjoy what matters most, you're wedding day!

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Destination wedding venue

If you're lucky enough to be planning a destination wedding in Bali, Europe, Asia or perhaps in another State in Australia, you'll want to reach out to a wedding planner for assistance.

A destination wedding can be confusing and disorientating to organise if you're not currently located or living in that area. For overseas weddings, reach out to a destination wedding planner and for weddings in a different State, reach out to Australian wedding suppliers for help.

For a destination wedding it's important to find an experienced event planner who understands the location you're booking your wedding day. If you hire a wedding planner located locally but you're booking your wedding day in Rome, the wedding planner might not fully understand the processes involved. Make sure you're trusting your wedding planning in capable hands.

It's all in the details

Planning a wedding involves a great amount of attention to all of the exquisite details that make a magical big day. A

wedding planner is essentially a creative director that ensures everything is considered. From the intricate decorations at the reception and ceremony wedding venues, the flowers filling the stunning property, the vendor's schedule and even the important timeline in the weeks leading up to the wedding. There's a reason why professional wedding planners are a renowned service delivering memorable Melbourne weddings and weddings across Australia!

If you really want to make your wedding perfect, it can be made possible with a wedding planner.

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Wedding planner - yes or no?

After reading this blog you might have come to a decision on whether to book a wedding planner or not. For brides to be, you might enjoy being their own wedding planner! Whereas others, are booking their wedding planner before they've even said "I do." Choosing a wedding planner depends on the personal preferences of the couple and the kind of wedding day you're planning.

If you're still unsure whether a wedding coordinator is right for you and your partner, not to worry, you have plenty of time to decide! You can always begin planning your wedding day and if you find you need extra help then hire a wedding planner. It's never too late.

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