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Discover the most gorgeous Brisbane wedding venues right here. Save yourself the stress of wedding planning and read our blog on some of the most beautiful wedding venues.

Renowned for its year-round sunny weather, beautiful sandy beaches and rich native wildlife (after all, Brisbane was home to legendary Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin!) - Brisbane offers some of the best wedding venues in Australia.

As wedding photographers, Brisbane holds an important place in our hearts for its endless opportunities for unique wedding venues. Rich in beauty and home to fantastic people - we're always excited to shoot at wedding venues in Brisbane.

Choices, choices!

Once you begin researching where to host your wedding day, you'll soon discover there's so many choices. Perhaps too many... In fact, it can feel overwhelming trying to pick just one! Here's where we want to make it easier for you to filter the wedding venues so you can find the perfect wedding venue especially for you!

If you currently live in Brisbane (lucky you) or you’re looking to travel to Brisbane for your wedding day then you’ll want to make sure you remember these popular wedding venues! From outdoor weddings, a cocktail style event or lush tropical gardens - we've listed here the most amazing wedding venues for your Brisbane wedding.

Now, what are you waiting for!? Explore our top wedding venues and find your favourite ceremony and wedding receptions.

wedding ceremony at Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove in Brisbane

Intercontinental Cove Sanctuary

Gold Coast’s award winning wedding venue - Intercontinental Cove Sanctuary - is guaranteed to make your wedding dreams come true. Residing on 4.2 hectares of tropical gardens within Brisbane’s most renowned nature sanctuary, you truly feel as though you’re on your own private tropical island. This is Australia's premier rainforest wedding destination that you'll want to put on your radar!

Peaceful and private

Onsite there are countless ceremony and wedding reception venues to choose from! There’s the award winning Chapel (crowned the Gold Coast & Hinterland Brides Choice Awards number 1 Wedding Chapel), which hosts many famous Brisbane ceremonies. Or, alternatively there’s a bespoke selection of indoor and outdoor venues to choose from too.

Although there are many options, no matter which wedding venue you choose at Intercontinental Cove Sanctuary - it feels immensely peaceful and private.

photo of wedding party at intercontinental sanctuary cove

Ceremony and reception venue

We had the pleasure of being the wedding photographer for Saori and Shuhei’s wedding ceremony and wedding reception at the Chapel. As you can see from the photos, it's a luxury wedding venue that is breathtaking is so many ways.

An all-encompassing floor to ceiling glass façade covers the walls, streaming in natural light. The whole room illuminates and glows with white tiled flooring and soaring atriums as well as beautiful acoustics. Combining tradition with modernity, this is a timeless choice for all wedding ceremonies.

Wedding Portraits

After the wedding ceremony, take a walk on the premises and enjoy photography before you head to the wedding reception. Walk along the cove for an amazing backdrop of clear blue water or, stay on the premises and show off the tropical wedding venue which makes for a stunning backdrop. Whether it’s during the day, at sunset or in the evening - there’s endless options for wedding photography across this stunning venue.

bride and groom after wedding at the chapel intercontinental sanctuary cove

Ocean View Estates

Looking at the photos, you would never know that this dream wedding venue is only 45 minutes from the Brisbane CBD! If you're bored of the idea of having a city wedding yet, you don't want to drive too far - Ocean View Estates will be the perfect venue for you.

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and create a truly special moment for you and your fiance at Ocean Views Estate!

Wedding location background

Ocean View Estates Winery is a family owned and operated vineyard that has grown rapidly over the last decade. Once you visit Ocean View Estates Winery you can instantly understand why! The family’s dedication to high quality wine, passion for perfection and devotion to hospitality is in a league of its own and we feel very excited to see their efforts in growing their country wedding venue and thoughtful wedding packages.

bride and groom kissing at wedding ceremony at Ocean View Estates in Brisbane

Wedding venues to impress!

Spread across an 150 acre property, the vineyard makes for an absolutely breathtaking wedding venue. Sloping vineyards, rich gorgeous greenery and a beautiful blue lake - once you lay your lies on the photos, it’s hard not to fall in love! Plus (one of the best perks) the drink list is exquisite! Being a vineyard, is that their wine selection for your wedding is divine!

With immense passion for food and drink, you’ll be renowned for having the very best food and drink at your ceremony and wedding reception.

wedding photo of bride and groomsmen at ocean view estates in Brisbane

Ceremony and reception venue

Accommodating to large or small weddings as well as wedding ceremonies and receptions - your dreams can be made true at the Brisbane wedding venue Ocean Views Estate. The winery offers a selection of wedding packages that accomodate to all needs. Whether you're after an intimate wedding, award winning cuisine or indoor and outdoor options - the winery aims to provide an unforgettable wedding experience.

Once your ceremony has finished, stroll down to the beautiful green hill scape with the gorgeous vineyard backdrop. A truly unique setting that will make for an amazing backdrop for your wedding day photos. Enjoy the stunning location and pose with your partner, bridal party/groomsmen.

wedding reception at ocean view estates in Brisbane

Landers Shoot 

For those who want to keep it relaxed and chill… yet also secretly meet everything on their wedding wish list - the unique wedding venue Landers Shoot is here to make it happen and surprisingly, Airbnb is here to help!

Country wedding venues

Since Airbnb has grown in popularity, it has opened up hundreds of unique wedding venues that once weren’t accessible. Now, there’s endless wedding venue options to discover hiding in your favourite getaway locations.

Landers Shoot is a wedding venue you would have never expected to stumble across on Airbnb. The venue features wide open spaces, a fantastic naturescape, excellent amenities and great wedding photo spots! Landers Shoot ticks all of the boxes… and then some!

The Brisbane wedding venue is available to book for both the wedding day ceremony and reception and can be decorated to how you would prefer. The owners of the property offer easy communication and have been offering their wedding location for some time now.

couple hugging at wedding in Brisbane

Ceremony and reception venue

Landers Shoot is a secret gem that is situated on an incredible 2.5 acres of land and boasts incredible natural beauty. This is a beautiful wedding venue to host the ceremony and wedding reception. Due to the great space, plenty of parking plus and the 5 individual private cabins with bathrooms - it's a great wedding venue for both aesthetics and practicality.

Wedding ceremonies are commonly held outdoors amongst the gorgeous gardens and tall trees. Once the wedding ceremony has finished, the photographer will take you on a stroll across the property with the gorgeous bushland in the foreground. As the sunlight seeps through the trees, you and your new husband/wife will be glowing in every shot!

Palmwoods Hotel

Once you've finished photos, it's time to boogie on over to the wedding reception. Choose to host the wedding reception and the Landers Shoot or, head to the near Palmwoods Hotel, which makes for an excellent wedding reception venue.

Landers Shoot delivers everything you could want from a wedding venue - it's true Australian wedding luxury. For any questions regarding your wedding reception, ceremony, wedding guests or wedding packages - contact the owners and they'll be able to answer any and all queries!

photo of bride and groom after wedding in Brisbane

Cedar Creek Lodges

Residing in the Gold Coast Hinterland is the wedding venue Cedar Creek Lodge. This wedding venue is breathtaking with a serene and fairy-tale like aesthetic. Lush rainforest greenery, glistening waterfalls and rock pools - you’ll feel as though you’re hosting your ceremony and reception in a magical treehouse!

bride and bridesmaids posing for photographer at Brisbane wedding

Nature weddings

For the wedding ceremony, Cedar Creek Lodge organises wedding ceremonies in their impressive amphitheatres. From the Rainforest Amphitheatre (as seen in the wedding ceremony photos), the outdoor Circles, or the Garden - there are so many choices at the Lodge.

For us, one of our favourite wedding locations is the Rainforest Amphitheatre. This wedding venue is an enchanting spot that is situated amongst tall and encompassing trees. The perfect setting to say "I do!" A large circular wooden podium offers seating, stairs and a stage for a ceremony for all of your wedding guests to enjoy. Fairy lights crawl up the sides of the auditorium, making for a magical scene as the sun lowers.

Few wedding venues offer such natural beauty, but Cedar Creek Lodge offers such gorgeous scenery and practical space, it's for the perfect venue to host weddings.

Wedding receptions

For the wedding reception, the Lodge reserves secluded and luxurious spaces that feel intimate yet also luxurious. Choose between the Island Glade or the Sanctuary space to make your special day perfect.

Whilst the Island Glade embraces the rainforest surrounds and can hold up to 50 guests, the Sanctuary is a hideaway that although is smaller, is extravagant in details.

Recently renovated, the Sanctuary room embodies luxury. Think: timber floors, crystal chandeliers, an open fireplace, antique furnishings and leather chesterfield settees. There has been so much thought given to this space, you and your partner will create a romantic and memorable moments.

For more information on their wedding reception, wedding ceremony or wedding packages - we recommend referring to their website or contacting their team. Their dedicated events team go to lengths to make sure your wedding ceremony and reception is perfect.

wedding ceremony at Cedar Creek Lodges in Brisbane

Complete your wedding day

Finding the perfect wedding ceremony and reception is certainly a challenge in the Gold Coast. As you would have found, there are too many choices of wedding venues in Brisbane! It can make wedding planning rather difficult.

We hope you found this blog on our favourite wedding venues helpful and that you've (finger's crossed) narrowed down your search to find the perfect setting for your magical day.

Once you've filtered through the wedding venues and found the Queensland wedding venue that speaks to you - it's great to book it in as soon as you can!

Wedding venues in Brisbane can book up quickly. Book in your spot as soon as you've decided so you can ensure your wedding ceremony and wedding reception venue are locked in!

Now, to book the photographer!

So you've found your wedding venues and your venue hire is completely done and dusted - now it's time to book the photographer.

If you're a wedding coordinator or you've taken on the wedding planner duties - ensure all of your wedding venues has a photographer present! There are so many important moments at both wedding venues i.e. the reception and the ceremony.

This is a memorable occasion that the bride and groom will want to remember forever! And the best way to do that... is with photos at the wedding venues! I mean, who doesn't get sick of looking a wedding pics!?

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