Ways To Get Amazing Wedding Photos in Indoor Venues

Shooting wedding photography indoors can be slightly more difficult than shooting outdoors. Not only can it be hard to find good backdrops, but finding the right lighting can also be a challenge. But this doesn’t mean you need to rearrange your plans to an outdoor venue.

We’ve been doing this a while and have learnt a few tricks along the way. So, here are a few ways to get amazing indoor wedding photography. 


Embrace Mood Lighting

Mood Lighting

One of the most important factors for getting great photos with indoor lighting is setting the mood. By using ambient light, such as lamps or spotlights, you can create an intimate and romantic atmosphere. 

Seeking out darker spaces around your venue and bringing in a flashlight or lamp can be a simple way to set the mood and get magical-looking photos. You can play around in these spaces with the lights and take shots with the subject in half-darkness or keep just enough light to see their outline. 


Search For Windows

Search for Windows

While artificial lighting is great for setting the mood and creating unique effects, natural light sources, especially around sunset, can also offer stunning effects. 

Posing in front of windows can help frame shots and create romantic, silhouette photos. This also gives you the best of both worlds, showcasing your indoor venue as well as the views of your area. 

Skylights are also a great source of natural light and provide a lovely atmosphere and style for your indoor wedding photos. 


Be Creative With The Space

Be Creative With The Space

Some indoor venues can be on the smaller side or a blank canvas. If this is the case for you then it’s important to get creative. Decorate your venue with decor that showcases your personality. 

For venues that look or feel small for intimate weddings, it can be a great idea to explore the venue and take inspiration from the space. Nice areas that can be great for wedding photography are hallways, window nooks, and stairwells. Hallways are also great for playing with light and shadows. 


Use Stairwells For Depth

When shooting indoors the photos can lack depth if they don’t have an interesting background. It’s common to pose in front of walls and this can make your photos look quite two dimensional. 

Posing in stairwells provides depth and helps frame your photos. Staircases can also be a great way to fit a larger group of guests nicely into a shot without bunching them up. 


Opt for Black and White Photos

Black and White Photography

When the lighting isn’t working to create your desired look, it can help to change your colours to black and white. This can remove some of the grain and noise that the lighting creates, and instead turn your shots into timeless classics. 

Black and white photographs can also draw out some of the magic and emotions of the moment more than you would think. It can be a great idea to experiment with colour and monochrome when taking photos with different lighting to see which turns out the best.


Add a Photo Wall

Photo wall

If your wedding venue comes as a blank canvas then it’s important to decorate it with your photos in mind. 

Some venues, especially community halls, can be quite plain, which is perfect for adding your style, but doesn’t offer much in the way of photo opportunities. You can combat this by including an on-theme or elegant backdrop wall with floral arrangements in your venue that will make for great photo opportunities on your big day. 


Take Advantage of Mirrors

Mirrors for photography

If your space is small or dark then a mirror can help with both. A well placed mirror can make a room look twice as big as it is in reality. They also reflect and therefore double the light in small spaces. 


Let The Experts Handle It

Our wedding photographers have years of experience capturing amazing shots at indoor and outdoor venues at all times of the day. They know all the best tricks to make the most of your venue and light for your wedding memories.

They are passionate about capturing the love and romance shared between couples on their wedding days. Be sure to browse our list of services and packages and fill out our availability form to see if your wedding day is available. 

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