Tips for Stunning Wedding Photos Outdoors

When it comes to getting stunning outdoor wedding photos regardless of what your surroundings include, there are many things you can do to use them to your advantage. 

We have compiled the following list of tips to help you get amazing photos at your outdoor venue. 

Find the Ideal Lighting 


Tips for Stunning Wedding Photos Outdoors

One issue that outdoor wedding photography poses is finding the ideal lighting. The sun can be harsh and result in uneven lighting if positioned incorrectly. 

Photos where you are squinting against the sun or unintentionally become a silhouette are not extremely flattering, but this can be avoided. There are a few ways to use the sun to your advantage or at least minimise its negative effects.

The best times of day for ideal ambient lighting are during the golden hours just prior to sunrise or sunset, alternatively you can get great lighting at any time on an overcast day. 

If you get caught with the harsh, direct sunlight you can still get great photos by positioning yourself according to where the sun is. 

One option is to face the sun but tilt or turn your head slightly and look off into the distance. This will not only protect your retinas, but also create the effect that you are staring at something off camera or caught in a day dream – which is perfect because your wedding day should feel at least a little like a dream. 

Alternatively, you can wait for a cloud to pass in front of the sun or seek out shade under a tree or marquee to create a softer light without dark shadows. 

Use the Rain


Tips for Stunning Wedding Photos Outdoors

If it happens to rain on your wedding day, use it to your advantage. Of course you probably don’t want to be out getting your beautiful dress, hair and make up ruined, but there are ways to get stunning shots while staying dry.

Umbrellas can help keep you dry and add a pop of style to your outdoor wedding photos. A romantic wet weather photo idea is to share the umbrella and snuggle up close to your partner. 

Overcast weather also provides great lighting, so if you can find some cover, the rainy weather can act as the perfect backdrop for your photos. 

Minimise Distractions


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This next tip has less to do with the weather and more to do with your physical surroundings. Certain objects can be super distracting if they are not positioned properly in your photos. 

Objects such as powerlines, signs and even trees can be distracting and not in a good way, especially if they’re sticking out from behind your heads. To minimise this risk it is best to take a few steps to the side if you think you may be too close to a tree or light post. 

Your wedding photographer will be able to help position you so that this doesn’t happen, but it’s a good idea to also be aware of your surroundings as well. 

Make the Most of Your Surroundings


You likely chose your venue for a reason so make sure you capture the things that drew you to it in the first place. Outdoor wedding venues are full of natural props and backdrops that can add to your shots.

Whether your venue offers vast views from the top of a mountain, golden sand and crystal waves, a soft white blanket of snow or another picturesque view, it will provide the perfect backdrop.

As for natural props, the base of a large tree can act as the perfect prop for you and your partner to lean on or climb to add a layer of fun. Similarly, if you’re having a wedding on a beach you or your guests can draw stylish hearts or write loving words in the sand.

Even man made creations in nature can add to your photos. For example, like in the photo above, stairs can add depth and help create a focal point. 

The options for using nature to enhance your photos are almost endless.

Our wedding photographers will be able to help position you, your partner and your guests to capture stunning photos that make the most of your outdoor surroundings and views. 

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