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The first dance song dictates the emotion and overall ambiance of the much awaited first dance between the bride and groom. Before anyone else has stepped onto the dance floor, the newly weds will make a grand entrance under the disco ball.

Symbolising the new love and unity of the couple, the first dance is a heartfelt event of the wedding day. The wedding music that plays for this moment is so crucial that it ends up becoming synonymous with the wedding for years to come. It's important then, to pick first dance songs that you will forever cherish and enjoy.

If you're unsure which first dance songs to choose, don't worry - we're here to help! Browse below different first dance songs and find your favourites. Talk with your other half and find the perfect first dance song for you both.

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The classics

From the sunshine pop of the 1960's, the disco in the '70's or the rock of the '80's there are some old gems that will make for fun and romantic first dance wedding songs.

This is the perfect excuse to get out your record player and take yourself to a different era! Rediscover those favourites from a different time and picture you and your boo dancing together.

Just imagine twisting to the grooves from Beach Boys, dipping to The Beatles lyrics from Here Comes The Sun, boogie-ing to the Stevie Wonder lyrics from Superstition or head banging to The Rolling Stones lyrics from Brown Sugar.

Take it back even further to the era of the beautiful Billie Holiday lyrics from "The Man I Love" (guaranteed to get the tears jerking!) or the emotional "What A Wonderful Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong.

There are so many classics that would make for great first dance songs for all kinds of moods!

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Nostalgic wedding songs

Depending on your age and generation, nostalgic songs are different from one person to the next. However, there are some famous tunes from around the 2000s that are renowned for delivering some fun yet romantic first dance songs.

Think of the "Wonderwall" Oasis lyrics or, the 1996 "Crash Into Me" with those romantic Dave Matthews Band lyrics In your eyes, love, it glows so... or, even Aerosmith lyrics for rock first dance songs. Music from this era is rich in funk first dance songs!

Choosing a song that evokes heartfelt emotions of nostalgia makes for a perfect first dance song. When you're marrying your best friend, it's always important to reflect on those memories you've created together. Choosing a dance wedding song that encapsulates an important moment in your relationship is the perfect way to sprinkle some romance to the evening.

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Latest and greatest

If you're looking for modern first dance songs, we've got you too.

Although the classics have a time and place, they're not everyone's first choice when it comes to a first dance song. Let's take it to the present day and celebrate the latest and greatest beats that will deliver the best first dance songs for your wedding!

First off, this wouldn't be complete without a mention of the legends Taylor Swift, Jack Johnson, Justin Bieber, Adele lyrics, Beyoncé lyrics or Ed Sheeran lyrics. I mean c'mon, just about all of these artists celebrate love and relationships in their music!

If you're on the hunt for other heart throbbing tunes James Arthur lyrics and Pharell lyrics both perfectly balance romance with groove. Or, John Legend and Alicia Keys both equally never fail to deliver a powerful ballads.

If you're still unsure if you want to pick a modern first dance song, all you need to do is flick on the radio and imagine your first dance as music plays over the speaker.

first dance moment captured by wedding photographer

10 most popular first dance song... of all time

There are some weddings songs out there that withstand the test of time no matter what. Drum roll please, we have here the most popular first dance songs... of all time.

  1. Taking first place we have the forever adored Frank Sinatra and "Fly Me To The Moon" with stunning Frank Sinatra lyrics, it's a no brainer why this first dance song has taken gold.
  2. Runner up is Elton John with "Your Song" - it's almost impossible not to sing along to the Elton John lyrics, It's a little bit funny... this feeling inside... This is one of the best first dance songs in our opinion.
  3. Up next is the soulful Ray Lamontagne lyrics from "You Are the Best Thing." If you're looking for dance songs, this is it folks. Perfect for a slow waltz or a romantic dip with your new hubby or wife.
  4. Close behind we have Etta James and her breathtaking "At Last!" with those iconic Etta James lyrics, my lonely days are over... And life is like a song. Those opening lyrics in themselves command a room, all of your wedding guests won't be able to help falling in love when they hear those lyrics.
  5. Coming in fifth for the best wedding songs of all time we have those powerful Christina Perri lyrics from "A Thousand Years." As soon as the well known tune begins, everyone will prepare themselves for a fun evening.
  6. Next up we those Sade lyrics from, "By Your Side," which never fails to warm the hearts of wedding guests. A great first dance song for romantics.
  7. Jason Mraz lyrics for both "I Won't Give Up" and "Lucky" are renowned to offer romantic slow dance songs for wedding songs.
  8. Elvis Presley and his "Love Me Tender" classic that will always make your heart skip a beat. Presley knows how to make a first dance feel magical.
  9. Making the top 10 we have Bright Eyes with "First Day Of My Life" - if those Bright Eyes lyrics, I think I was blind before I met you don't make you feel those butterflies in the chest... we don't know what will! This is beautiful way to have your first dance with your partner.
  10. Last but definitely not least, is the one and the only.... L. O. V. E Nat King Cole creation. O is for the only one I see... A romance song unlike any other. This song is a must have in your wedding songs playlist.

Have the best first dance wedding with one of the above dance wedding songs! They're all guaranteed to get your wedding guests onto the dance floor.

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Dance Songs FAQS

Many engaged couples on the hunt for their first dance song often can get overwhelmed with the amount of choices available. Especially with numerous music streaming services, great music is never ending!

The best way to find your first dance songs is to first talk with your partner to find out what music they also would enjoy. Additionally, reflect on the relationship you've formed with your partner and any music artists that speak to your unique bond. Listen to some music and daydream about your first dance wedding songs together.

You might discover the Train lyrics embody how you feel to one another or the Pharrell lyrics make you both feel joyful and happy. It's important your first dance songs for your wedding speak to you and your partner.

What comes as a surprise for many partners is that your first dance song doesn't have to be romantic either! Some of the best first dance songs just get you up and grooving... so make sure you get dance lessons beforehand!

The wedding day is all about you so make sure you choose a song that you both love. Whether you're dancing to the Brett Young lyrics, Jack Johnson lyrics or the Righteous Brothers - as long as you feel united together, that's all that matters.

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