Should I Have A Videographer At My Wedding?

Read this blog to discover the importance of having a wedding video and why you need to hire a wedding videographer for your special day.

Weddings are a special day that you’ll never want to forget. That’s why it’s so important you hire a wedding videographer to capture those intimate moments that only a wedding video can replay. For those who are asking themselves, “should I have a videographer at my wedding?” allow us to fill you in on the biggest reasons why you need a videographer at your wedding…

You’ll soon discover that a wedding videographer is just as important as the wedding

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History of the wedding video

Wedding photography dates as far back as the early 1800s when Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were captured tying the knot on their wedding day. What followed was a steady growth in wedding photography… for those who could afford wedding photos at that time.

At the beginning, wedding photography was limited to the upper class who had the wedding budget to splurge on the old-school equipment. Photography equipment was big, bulky and expensive and therefore only the wealthy could afford the single black and white portrait. This portrait was often staged at the ceremony location before or after the bride and groom attended the wedding ceremony. There was no such thing as a photographer running around capturing real candid moments (unlike today).

Rapidly, photography equipment developed and became more affordable becoming accessible to the middle class. By the 1900s, wedding photography was popularised and everyone was enjoying the luxury of having this special memory captured in a photograph.

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Moving through the 1900s, camera equipment rapidly upgraded with more portable camera bodies, flash photography equipment and even colour! Camera equipment was advancing, seeing new waves of photography trends as well as camera or editing software. Photographers moved away from the stock standard staged portraits and began experimenting more with unplanned candid moments.

Although videography had been used for making films and commercials, mainstream use of videography for weddings didn’t peak until the later half of the 1900s. This was largely due to the cost of the cameras and gear. Similar to the development of photography, initially video cameras were heavy, immobile and wildly expensive. Until high quality video cameras were lower in price, they would remain inaccessible to the general public.

It’s noted Sony is to thank for the growth of videography with their release of the affordable Sony DV-2400 Video Rover in 1967, which offered many photographers the opportunity to capture high-quality wedding videos during this period. In the early days of wedding videography, there were a lot of shaky shots and fuzzy focus; however, technology developed quickly and so too did the skills of wedding videographers. Wedding film was high on photographer's radar as professionals waited eagerly for camera hardware to upgrade.

By the late 1900s and early 2000s, wedding videography had leapt forward in quality and production. Equipment became more portable, refined and high quality with the videographers themselves increasing in skill and finesse. Now, videography is near limitless and has become an essential piece to the wedding reception and wedding ceremony, with couples searching far and wide for the best videographers in Australia to create their wedding video.

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Wedding Videography VS. Wedding Photography

Everyone loves getting wedding photography for their special day… but what about wedding videography? Although wedding photography is an older tradition, wedding videography is a relatively new concept that has grown to become just as important as the stills.

To put it simply - there’s just something about the wedding video that is truly so special. Due to the continuous movement, the wedding video captures the whole narrative of a moment rather than a single frame that the wedding photography captures. When the groom first sees the bride - videography records his eyes as they meet hers, the emotions that run through both the groom and the bride and the sheer romance as the bride steps up onto the podium to be with her soon-to-be husband. It’s a magical, heart warming and unique moment to witness that can only truly be preserved through the wedding video.

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Although photography is still essential for sharing with loved ones and guests, putting together a wedding photo album or to put over social media… Videography on the other hand, is a special keepsake that explores the whole narrative from the day. People can quite easily flick through hundreds and hundreds of photos (sometimes not even paying attention...) yet, videography requires your attentiveness throughout. You sit, you watch, you feel and you remember. Investing in a wedding video is the most beautiful wedding gift to yourself and your partner.

With an experienced wedding videographer, you’re able to sit back and watch the stunning (and tear jerking) wedding story that took place, making you feel as though you’re right back there all over again!

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Relive your memories 

Wedding videos have really opened up incredible opportunities to experience, reconnect and relive important memories.

Just imagine decades from now, watching with your husband or wife the special moment you said “I do” at your elegant wedding venue. Or perhaps, seeing the guests and family members that showed up to your wedding day, how grandma shredded it on the dance floor or the gorgeous dress that you (or her) wore! Weddings are rich in more unplanned candid moments that really tug at the heartstrings - you’ll want to do everything you can to hold onto and keep those moments. Because as much as we try not to, there are moments that we will forget. Videography works as a time capsule, keeping these memories safe forever.

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Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that has involved immense planning, hard work and if we’re being frank - money. You’ll want to have as much record as possible of the great investment you’ve given to the day. From the iconic wedding venue, the vogue ballroom wedding reception, the impressive suits and gowns, the wedding location and space, the elaborate wedding cake and even the DJ - there’s so many components that make up a wedding, it’s vital you get everything on camera so you can marvel at the day in years to come.

If you're a wedding planner or you need to meet a wedding budget - we can completely understand if you’re hesitant to invest in a wedding videographer due to costs. Weddings are expensive! Heck, it was recorded that Australians on average spent $19,429 on their wedding day in 2020! There’s a lot to financially consider when choosing whether to have a wedding videographer or not. However, we do urge you to think about this long and hard. In our experience, we’ve never had a couple regret choosing videography. BUT we have seen regret from those who choose not to. You won’t have another opportunity to record your wedding video and all of your special moments, you deserve to document every single minute!

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Emot videography packages

Our team of experienced, knowledgeable and well seasoned wedding videographers offer high quality and affordable wedding videography packages for everyone. Combining your love for still and moving imagery, our team of videographers apply their skills to build the most beautiful video of your wedding imaginable.

We've been in the business since the beginning and know how to capture genuinely candid moments, those intimate personal moments and the entire wedding video altogether in a way that's concise, classy and discrete (you won't even know the cameras are there!) There's a reason why we're dubbed, Australia's professional wedding videographers.

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Brides to be... Here's what you can expect from our professional wedding videographers.

Emot videographers arrive at your wedding ceremony and/or reception early to set up necessary equipment. They work discreetly and efficiently, working alongside the wedding run sheet ready to capture all of the key (and intimate) moments. From when the bride walks down the entrance, to when you both say “I do,” the first dance, the cake cutting, the speeches and so on. Our wedding videographers are highly trained to make sure they record everything on your wedding day and elegant wedding reception venue.

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After the wedding, our video editors work meticulously, building a harmonious 30 - 60 minute video that encapsulates the entire day. Our team uses the most advanced software to build your wedding video to perfection. It can take a few weeks to build your wedding video but trust us, it's worth it. Once you sit down with your partner and family to watch the wedding video, you'll understand what we mean. Be warned, make sure there’s a tissue box nearby… it’s always emotional looking back on the memories in the wedding video, no matter how many times you’ve already seen the wedding video!

If you’re interested in knowing  more about our videography packages, what's included in the wedding video or additional services we offer - please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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