Reasons You Should Do a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

When planning your wedding celebrations, it is a good idea to plan a day for a pre-wedding photoshoot. 

We know with so much to do and plan, it’s easy to put an extra photoshoot on the unnecessary list. So, if you’ve been a little sceptical about doing an earlier photo session, then let us show you a few reasons why you should take the time and do one. 


Get Comfortable In Front of the Camera

Whether you take selfies daily or hide every time you see a camera, having a professional take your photo is a very different experience. It can feel a little strange at first, but after a while, you will start to feel comfortable.

Having a pre-wedding photoshoot gives you a chance to get comfortable being in front of a camera. You can let out all your nerves in an intimate setting before the big day when all your guests are around and watching. 

This also gives you an opportunity to practise your poses, and gives the photographer a chance to understand your perfect angles. 


Celebrate Your Engagement

Couple holdinh hands showing off engagement ring

A lot of couples forego the engagement shoot in favour of saving money for their wedding day. If you skipped your engagement photoshoot then a pre-wedding shoot is the perfect opportunity to celebrate this special time. 

Your engagement is a massive part of your love story, so even if you got a few nice photos yourself on the day, it’s always nice to get a few professional ones to frame. 


Use the Shots For Your Big Day

Wishing well and photo display on wedding gift table.

It can be a nice touch to display photos at your wedding reception or provide customised gifts with photos of your and your lover. 

You likely have a selection of beautiful images or selfies from throughout your relationship that you can use. But professional photos will also look stunning. 

These photos can also be used for personalised save-the-date cards or invitations if you get your pre-wedding photos done early enough. 


Take Your Time to Get a Range of Shots

Camera surrounded by photos

On your wedding day, it can feel a little rushed when trying to get a range of stunning photos with your partner and guests before the sun goes down or dinner is served. 

In the rush and excitement, certain shots can end up being missed. This can leave you feeling disappointed. 

During a pre-wedding session, your time is your own and there are no other distractions. This means you will have a chance to get all the shots and do all the poses you want with your spouse-to-be. 


Test Your Hair and Makeup

Bride-to-be getting her hair and makeup done.

It can be a good idea to line your pre-wedding photo session up with your hair and makeup trials. This not only allows you to show off the efforts of all your hours in the chair, but it also gives you an opportunity to see what it all looks like on camera. 

Cameras can make things look a little different from how they do in person or in the mirror. By seeing how your pictures look early, you will have a chance to make adjustments to your styling decisions before the big day. 


Have Some Fun With Your Partner

Couple sharing Fairy Floss.

Planning a wedding can be a stressful time, with so much to do in seemingly such little time. Taking some time out to do some pre-wedding photography with your partner can be a great way to relax and have some fun. 

Whether you love or hate having your picture taken, a photo session with your lover is sure to be a lot of fun. It’s a great way to share your love instead of stress for a few hours. 


Time to Bond With Your Photographer

Photographer holding up camera in focus of a couple hugging in field.

One of the most important reasons to do a photo shoot before your wedding day is to get to know your photographer. One reason professional photo shoots are so nerve-wracking is that you’re posing for someone you don’t know. 

Pre-wedding photoshoots allow you to get to know and become comfortable with your photographer. If you are comfortable during the shoot, then your wedding pictures will reflect this. 


Emot Has Pre-Wedding Photographers

Photographer looking through camera lens to take a shot.

Our Emot photographers love being a part of your love story and helping capture all the special moments, from your engagement to the first married kiss and beyond.

Check out our pre-wedding shoot packages to see how we can help prepare you for your big day, and then fill out our availability form to check the availability of your preferred date.

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