How To Pose For Your Wedding Photos

When it comes to your wedding day, there are going to be lots (and lots!) of wedding photography. If you're not comfortable in front of the camera, we recommend practicing your poses beforehand so you can feel confident and calm on your big day.

Don't worry, wedding photography is easier than you might think. Here, we've got the best tips on how to pose naturally for every- and any- photo that the photographer throws your way!

Pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy this ultimate guide on your wedding photography.

Wedding photography poses

There are 5 main wedding photography shoots you will do throughout your wedding day. These are the bridal portraits, bride and groom couple photos, group photos with the bridal party, as well as group shots of the groomsmen and friends and family photos during the wedding reception. Knowing these wedding pictures will prepare you for the posing you'll do throughout the day.

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  1. Bridal portraits

First thing's first - the bridal pictures!

Everyone loves seeing those stunning portraits of the bride in her glorious wedding dress and makeup. Although for some brides these photos can be the most daunting wedding photoshoot, you'll be stoked when you receive them from the wedding photographer. These wedding photoshoots are simply stunning.

Bridal photos can be taken by the photographer before the wedding ceremony as the bride gets ready with her party. These can make for stunning intimate photos as the bride applies her mascara, puts on her shoes and fixes her wedding dress. There's lots of little intimate moments that create a heart warming story for your photo album.

These photos don't demand too much from the bride either, all you need to do is pretend the photographer isn't there with the camera. This is a great option for those who don't like the idea of posing for wedding photos or are feeling a little self conscious and are looking for photos that feel more natural.

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  1. Bride and groom photography

As wedding photographers, we know first hand that there are simply so many romantic and important photographs to capture of the bride and groom. The options are endless.

After the wedding ceremony, the wedding photographer will take you to a nearby location for couple wedding photos. These photos will involve a variety of wedding poses such as the subtle glance towards one another, posing towards the camera, one partner looking at the camera whilst the other looking towards them, the close ups from the just below the shoulders up... and more!

It's important for the couple to relax and enjoy the process. Don't worry about poses too much and just have fun! Your wedding photographer will look out for those finer details to make sure they get your most flattering side, tell you when to stand up straight or to place your arms somewhere different. All you need to do is be yourself and celebrate your wedding day.

One of our favourite couple photos are those secret candid moments, when the couple often forgets the camera and gets lost in the moment. Think: you and your partner laughing between one another, sharing an intimate moment, the bride fixing the groom's bow tie or going for a private stroll. It's these moments when many couples feel most at ease and also, when the best photos are taken.

Engagement photoshoot

If you're still feeling nervous about couple wedding photos, consider booking in an engagement session before your actual wedding day. This is a great opportunity to try out posing for wedding photos, build confidence in front of the camera and find your preferred angles. Talk with our team at Emot if you're interested in booking a pre-wedding day photoshoot!

bridal party posing for wedding photos

  1. Bridal party poses

These wedding photos are very easy going with a lot of excited energy. I mean this is the last few moments before the bride ties the knot - how could you not be excited (and a little nervous!)

As the wedding party all gets ready in the bridal suite, shares a glass of champagne and enjoy a laugh together - the photographer will whip around taking photos. There's the stunning wedding dresses laid out, glasses of champagne lined up for cocktail hour and plenty of more photo ops'.

For group photos, some brides prefer more candid pics where the party smile naturally whereas others prefer more organised group shots, or both! Talk with your professional wedding photographer beforehand if you have a preference.

photo of groomsmens shoes and socks

  1. Groomsmen

As the bride's party enjoys their champagne and photoshoot so too, do the groomsmen!

It's these moments where everyone is getting ready before the wedding that always feel giddy and energetic. Perfect for wedding photos!

Here, the professional wedding photographer will take wedding photos of the groom and his groomsmen candid sharing a laugh, a drink and a pre-wedding pep talk with the groom.

Portrait pictures of the groom will be taken as he fixes his bow tie, pulls his arms through his suit jacket and puts his cufflinks in. All small details that capture the mood of the situation.

Group pics are encouraged, often with the groomsmen under each other's arms, perhaps a few fake laughs here and there. These wedding pictures are easy going with the main focus on capturing the excitement of the room.

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  1. Friends and family photography

As soon as you and your partner walk into your wedding reception, your friends and family will swarm you with wanting to get a photo with you. You won't have time to think about your pose, the camera will be flashing left right and centre. Not to worry, your photographer knows what they doing and will prioritise your preferred angles (and avoid any sightings of a double chin).

With lots of friends and family pictures to get through, we recommend sticking to a simple pose, smiling towards the camera and placing your arms around your loved ones. If your cheeks begin to hurt from smiling, take a little break by chatting to close one or having a little to drink (alcohol always helps ease the nerves...)

groom posing for wedding photographer

Wedding photoshoot made easy

When it comes to posing for wedding photography, it sounds much more scary than it really is. In real life, you'll be so excited and caught up in your big day that posing for your wedding photographers will come naturally.

If you're feeling nervous, take a deep breath, clear your head and center your focus on your partner. This will make the wedding photoshoot easy and your wedding poses feel like a piece of cake.

If you're wanting to capture a pose or two before the big day, talk to your photographers on booking a photoshoot before your wedding. Organise couple photos for you and your partner so you have the opportunity to play around with poses, get some tips from your photographers and get some cute pictures!

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