5 Photos You Need On Your Wedding Day

The wedding day is such an exciting and meaningful event filled with plenty of photo-worthy moments. With so many beautiful moments you will want to capture, you might be wondering, which ones are the most important?

If you’re a bride, a groom or, you’re a wedding photographer yourself - this blog is a must read to make sure you’re ready to capture the best photos for the wedding day.

Here, we reveal the top 5 photos you need on your wedding day!

Bride getting ready

  1. Getting ready photos

This might come as a surprise, but photos of the bridal party and the groomsmen before the ceremony (when they’re getting ready) are rich in beautiful and personal moments.

The bridal party and groomsmen play an important role in the wedding day. They’re the backup, the support and also calm nerves before the big moment. It’s important that time is allotted to the photographer so they can capture these important people.

One of the best times is when everyone is getting ready.

As the bridal party gets ready, the photographer can hover around getting different angles of all the glitz that’s involved. From the bridal party sharing a glass of champagne, or makeup being applied or those last details being made to the bride’s wedding dress - there’s so many wonderful photo opps.

For the groomsmen, it’s much the same! As you fix each other’s ties, put your cufflinks in or do a toast with your whiskeys - there’s some great group shots that you and your mates will cherish forever.

Bride and groom.

  1. The wedding ceremony

Of course wedding photos wouldn’t be complete without the wedding ceremony!

This is the main event for most weddings, so it’s only suitable that you make sure that you get plenty of photos here to fill up your wedding album.

There’s lots of big and little details during the ceremony that are important to capture. It’s important to consider not only the bride and groom but also the guests who are attending, the groomsmen’s reactions as the groom says his vows or the ring sitting in its  box about to slip onto its new owner.

Wedding kiss.

Wedding ceremony checklist

To make things easier, follow this wedding ceremony photo checklist:

  • The couples walking down the aisle
  • The flower girl
  • Bride walking down the aisle
  • The moment the bride sees the groom
  • The ring bearer
  • Saying “I do”
  • First kiss
  • Putting on the wedding ring
  • Family shots and their reactions
  • Signing of documents
  • Walking down the aisle as a married couple
  • Flower girls tossing petals
  • Family shots

Following this wedding ceremony checklist will ensure that all of the special moments are captured.

Alongside this checklist, it’s always a great idea for the photographer to experiment with different angles. Whether it’s close ups of the bride and groom holding hands or how the groom is looking at the bride as she says her vows. There’s just so many options when it comes to the ceremony!

Bridal party and groomsmen.

  1. Couple portraits post wedding ceremony

After the ceremony has finished, the photographer will then walk to a nearby location with the bride and groom for photos. This is an important photography session on the wedding day that allows the newlyweds to get some amazing wedding photos together before they boogie onto the reception venue.

If the wedding ceremony is at an outdoor venue, often the photographer will take the couple to a nearby private area for beautiful nature shots. For beach weddings, the photographer will find a nearby nook and take stunning portraits. The professional photographer often organises the location prior to the wedding day so no matter where you’re having your ceremony stunning portraits will be captured.

Although the photo session will be focused on the bride and groom, sometimes couples would also like group photos with the bridal party, the groomsmen or family shots with close family members. It’s important these questions are asked prior to the wedding day so that the photographer is sufficiently prepared.

Bride and groom kissing.

  1. Reception venue

The wedding reception is where the heels come off, the dancing shoes come on and the class that was seen at the beginning of the day takes a different turn. Making for premium conditions for all the fun photos that are essential for wedding albums.

Whilst the wedding ceremony embodies class and sophistication, the reception venue is more lighthearted and carefree. Here, is where everyone comes together and celebrates the holy matrimony.

Wedding reception photo checklist

As a guide, follow this wedding reception photo checklist to make sure the wedding album is going to be full to the brim with quality shots!

  • Room decor shots, place settings and photos of the reception space
  • The new married couple walking into the reception  venue
  • Toasts and speeches
  • The first dance with bride and father
  • First dance between bride and groom
  • Family members dancing together
  • Bouquet of flowers toss
  • Cake cutting
  • Night portraits
  • The exit

As the sun sets and night time emerges, there’s the potential for some really fantastic shots. Whether it’s spray champagne everywhere, capturing the moving light of sparklers or using fairy lights to create a romantic scene - the reception is a great opportunity for capturing beautiful photos.

Some wedding couples take this opportunity to get more couple photos together. With the beautiful night sky, it’s certainly hard to resist!

Place setting.

  1. All of the small details

There has been a tonne of planning that has gone into the wedding day. If you have ever planned a wedding then you will know exactly what we’re talking about.

Flowers, the location, table settings and table plan, the catering, entire wedding party bride dresses and accessories, the wedding book, the outfits of the guests and so on. There’s many small details sprinkled throughout the day that add a wonderful narrative to the wedding album.

It’s a good idea to keep this in mind throughout the wedding day so that you can capture these little details that end up holding a great amount of meaning. When the married couple look back through their wedding album they’ll stop and think fondly of the wedding cake they picked, the flower arrangements they chose or the sweet wedding party favours that were given.

It’s the small details that work together to build the entire wedding day story.

First kiss.

Importance of choosing a professional photographer for your wedding

If you’re a bride on the hunt for a wedding photographer or you’re a wedding planner trying to please a client - we can’t express enough the importance of choosing a professional photographer for the wedding day.

We understand investing in the wedding photographs can be a large expense. Considering you'll already be spending a lot on the wedding venue, it can be tricky to decide whether it's worth it. However, once you see the wedding photo/photos the photographer captures - you'll be relieved you made the right decision.

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If you’re seeking a wedding photographer for your own (or a client’s) special day - talk with our team and we will help you. With decades of experience working specifically with weddings, our team is highly skilled in capturing all of the beautiful moments on your wishlist.

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