Making the Most of Rain on Your Wedding Day

La Niña may be here to stay for a bit longer, but there’s no reason why wet weather needs to put a dampener on your wedding day. In fact, there are a lot of ways rain can make your big day more memorable. 

Whether you’ve planned an outdoor wedding or you’re simply hoping for sunshine on your special day, we’ve put together a few reasons why a rainy wedding day can actually be a blessing.


Rain provides an epic backdrop.


Rain on Your Wedding Day

Rain provides a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photography and videography. If you really lean into it, it can elevate your fairytale wedding photos into something that looks like it has been plucked directly from an epic adventure story. 

Nothing says grand romance like high quality images with you and your lover in the foreground as a dark stormcloud rolls in behind you. The electricity of the storm will provide metaphoric imagery that mirrors the electricity felt between you and your new spouse on your wedding day.

On the other hand, we know not all rain comes from dark, rumbling storm clouds. Sometimes it’s just a drizzly day with no dark clouds, but no sunshine either. In this instance, the greyness of the day will provide unique lighting and an overall cosy mood that makes your love really shine through in your wedding album.

If your wedding is indoors and therefore the rain doesn’t really matter, we promise it is worth getting your dress or suit a little wet for the sake of capturing some breathtaking stormy photos and videos.


Wet weather gear can add whimsy.


Rain on Your Wedding Day

Depending on where you are in the world, rainy weather can get very chilly. Incorporating cool weather gear into your wedding photos adds a sense of whimsy and joy.

Beyond being practical, waterproof gear such as jackets, ponchos, rain boots and umbrellas can be weaved into your wedding photos as cute props. 

For example, your photographer can capture the pure euphoria of you and your spouse jumping in a puddle with rain boots on, or even perhaps take a lighthearted picture of your family and friends all wearing plastic ponchos to avoid getting drenched that will keep everybody giggling for years to come.

Furthermore, you can even use the props to enhance the overall aesthetic of your special day. Clear umbrellas may be used to protect the bride and her party’s beautiful hair and makeup without compromising seeing those beautiful details in the wedding photos. On the flip side, a yellow or rainbow coloured umbrella can provide a bright contrast that says the sun will come out tomorrow, or that after every storm comes a rainbow.


Rain provides opportunities to explore dimension.


Rain on Your Wedding Day

Rain can be challenging to work with, sure, but here at Emot we always rise to the occasion. It is a lot of fun to experiment with all the different dimensions of rain on a photographic level. 

Don’t worry, we won’t bore you with all the details about shutter speed and depth of field, but we will tell you that rain forces photographers to get creative.

Some creative and interesting ways rain can be used in wedding photography include:

  • Cleverly using reflections in puddles or raindrops.
  • Adopting strategic backlighting to pull focus on the raindrops, or place focus on the subject matter.
  • Making the most of the colours and lighting provided by nature.


Storytelling is enhanced with rain.


Rain on Your Wedding Day

One of the most important ways rain can enhance your wedding day is through the art of storytelling. We know it provides an epic backdrop and adds whimsy through props, but when you put all of that together, what do you get? 

One hell of a story to tell.

Running excitedly through the downpour, sharing umbrellas with loved ones, dogs shaking their wet fur off onto the guests, fighting the bride’s veil when the wind whips it around, and messy rain-drenched hair… all special moments that make tying the knot in the rain so memorable.

Professional wedding photographers have a particular attention to detail that perfectly articulates the story of your wedding day. The beauty of rain on your wedding day is that the opportunities for these unique and memorable moments increase dramatically when compared to a typical sunny day.


Rain signifies good luck.


Rain on Your Wedding Day

Okay, this one may only count if you’re superstitious, but rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck and a strong marriage. It is said that a wet knot is harder to untie, and so tying the knot in the rain symbolises strength in you and your spouse’s unity.


Rain is a good thing!


Rain on Your Wedding Day

Ultimately, what matters most is that you and your partner are finally getting married, so don’t let a little rain take that excitement away from you. We hope this blog has helped you to see that every cloud has a silver lining and that rain has some really great benefits for your big day.


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