How To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

It’s no secret that weddings and all the planning involved can be a real nightmare. When they say ‘it’s your big day’, they certainly aren’t wrong. From start to finish, weddings are a high involvement process so it’s crucial to surround yourself with industry professionals that will help to make your wedding day the best day of your life.

Arming yourself with a good photographer will not only help to capture the happiest moments of your wedding day, but it will ease the weight on your shoulders and leave you to celebrate your newlywed status with those you love most.

Find Your Wedding Photography Inspiration

Wedding photography is all about adding visual elements to love stories. No doubt that by this stage you’ve got a fairly decent idea of what style of wedding you plan to have. But, have you thought about what style of photography your big day needs?

Whether you’re having something intimate and classic at a Yarra Valley winery or an exciting and contemporary wedding in the heart of Sydney, your ideal photographer should be able to exhibit your chosen style in their work.

If you’re lost on where to look for inspiration, try searching Pinterest and Instagram. For those who are more hands on, try making a mood board on Canva or by flicking through wedding magazines and getting your real life cut-and-paste method on.

Look At Reviews and Previous Shoots

Now you’ve wrapped your head around inspiration for your wedding photos and videos, it’s time to implement the research stage. Word of mouth is great, but Google will be your best friend for this part of the process.

Word of mouth referrals are fantastic as long as your dream wedding photography style matches that of the person giving you the referral. This is why you should conduct independent research too.

The best way to do this is by Googling photographers that service your area. Make a list of the photographers that catch your eye and go through the websites of each one, keeping an out for testimonials, ratings and galleries.

Once you’ve explored the websites themselves, you can move on to searching Google Reviews, Yelp, Facebook, and other review sites. This provides a better overview of customer satisfaction levels and professional conduct.

Compare Price and Package Options

Whether you’ve already set a budget or still need to set one, it’s a great idea to check out price and package options to narrow down your list of potential vendors further. There is no right or wrong amount to set aside as wedding photography packages will vary dramatically from photographer to photographer.

Talented photographers are available in every price bracket, it’s the finer details that really dictate the eventual cost of the service.

Consider the Finer Details That Might Make Your Life Easier

When we say ‘finer details’, we mean all the extra stuff on top of the photos themselves. To make your wedding planning smoother, figure out what is most important to you in terms of customer service, booking processes, and turnaround times. For example, would you like your pictures returned to you within days, or are you happy to wait months?

Professional wedding photographers with many years of experience may charge more but they will likely offer a higher level of extras.

Read the FAQs and Fineprint

By this point, you have likely narrowed down your list to two or three great photographers. The next step is to really have a good look at their frequently asked questions and fineprint. There may be something that stands out to you that solidifies your decision.

FAQs and fineprint should cover topics such as postponements and cancellations, payment plans, travel, and will help you in avoiding getting potentially caught out.


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