Your Guide To The Best Getting Ready Photos

"Getting ready" is an important element of your wedding day which is often overlooked. For many couples, this portion of your wedding day involves getting ready with your wedding party while your partner is getting ready in another room or at another location. This section of your wedding day leads to many beautiful moments with those you are closest to. Keep reading for your guide to getting the best "getting ready" photos on your special day.

1. Getting ready photo timing.

We recommend 30 minutes at the grooms house and 45 minutes at the brides house. This will give your photographer time to capture all of those beautiful, candid images of you and your wedding party drinking bubbly, putting on makeup, tying ties, and getting ready for the ceremony. If you are your partner are getting ready in two separate locations, please allow for adequate time for your photographer to travel between these locations. 

2. Which getting ready location should your photographer attend first?

We recommend that your photographer attends the grooms house first and the brides second. Typically, the groom will leave for the wedding ceremony before the bride and this usually means that the groom is ready before the bride. Therefore, your photographer will be able to capture images of the groom getting ready and the groom ready to go before capturing images of the bride getting ready and then the bride ready to go. If you and your partner are of the same sex, we recommend that the photographers goes to the house of the partner that will be ready first before attending the second partners getting ready address. 

3. Preparing your location to get the best photos. 

As most of your getting ready photos will be candid photos, we recommend making sure your getting ready location is tidy and clear of any objects that you don't want lurking in the back of your photos. This will allow your photographer to focus on capturing stunning photos of you and your wedding party without having to worry about moving items out of the way to get the perfect shot.

Our Favourite Getting Ready Photos

1. Champagne Pop

Although this photo opportunity is set up, the moment the champagne pops you will forget that the photographer is there and they will be able to capture some amazing, natural reactions.

champagne pop at wedding in Perth Western Australia

2. First look with family or friends

A first look with your family of friends is the perfect way to capture their reactions to your wedding day look. To create a shot like this, have your family of friends stand in front of you with their backs facing you and your photographer behind you. When you are ready have your family and friends turn around while your photographer captures the moment.

first look with family and friends

3. Special moment with your parents

Your wedding is a big day for you but it is also a big day for your parents. During the getting ready portion of your day is the perfect time to capture some more relaxed and intimate photos with your parents before the whirlwind of the day begins. You can choose to create some posed moments with your parents, guided by your photographer, or you can let the moments happen naturally and your skilled photographer will capture all them candidly.

father and bride at wedding in Sydney

4. Mirror Image

This fun photo is perfect for capturing your own reaction to your wedding day look as well as the reaction of your wedding party. To capture this image, your photographer will stand slightly to the side of the mirror and direct you and your wedding party to stand so that your reflections are visible from the angle they are taking the photo from.

groom and groomsmen at wedding in Sydney

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