Exciting Wedding Table Favours to Give Your Guests

While they are not a necessity, it can be fun to make up little table favours that your guests can take home. 

These gifts can be anything you like, but we find guests are happier to receive something that is practical and can be reused. This blog will provide a range of practical gift ideas for your wedding guests.


Personalised Mason Jar Candles


Table with Wedding gifts and wishing well.

Most people enjoy nice-smelling things, and candles are a great example of this. Candles are also a great idea as they are highly personalisable. 

You can either DIY them and choose everything from the scent, to the colour, to the jar and make it reflect your personality and relationship. Or you can search for premade ones and test them out to find your favourite scent and colour mix. 

Both of these ideas are really fun and will ensure the candle is unique to you and your partner. 

If you want your guests to be able to light them on your big day then you can even pair them with a personalised box of matches. 


Fun Bubbles



Bubbles are a fun and completely practical gift for your wedding guests. Bubbles will provide plenty of fun for your guests – young and old alike. 

They work the best if you give them out before the ceremony – this can be a fun job for a flower girl to do, or you can place them in a tray for your guests to collect, like in the above picture. 

This way your guests will be able to blow bubbles for you and your bridal party as you each make your way down the aisle. Bubbles also look outstanding in wedding photos as they reflect the light and add a pop of colour. 

They’re not the most personalised gift on this list, but they’re heaps of fun, but if you want to personalise them all it would take is a label. 


Engraved Stationery


Everyone uses a pen every now and then, even in our digital world. This makes stationery an extremely practical, yet elegant idea for your wedding favours. 

Pens and pencils are easy to get engraved with your names and wedding date. They also can come in a range of colours so you can choose to have them all match your theme or give each of your guests a random colour. 


Edible Treats


Customised cookie for wedding guests.

Pretty much everyone loves food, so it’s a perfect option for a table favour. Even if you’re providing dessert, you guests are sure to love having a snack for the road.

When choosing edible treats for your wedding favours, you can make them as personal as you desire. You can bake your favourite cookies or make custom labels for prepackaged snacks such as mints. 

If you opt for homemade treats but want your guests to have something physical to hold on to after they’ve devoured your delicious treats, you can store the treats in a personalised jar.




Customised cup for bride.

When it comes to great wedding favours, many of the best ideas are related to drinking, as that is what many of us do at weddings, especially in Australia. 

All of these ideas are highly practical and will give your guests something they can use on your big night, and for many years to come.


Monogrammed Glasses


Wine Glasses with 'bridesmaid' written on them in gold.

The first drink-related idea we want to mention is glasses. These are perfect for the first toast. 

The glasses are easy to have your monogram and wedding date etched into. They can be anything from a shot glass to a wine glass or even a beer stein. You could even have a mix so your guests can choose which they want, based on their drink of choice.


Stubby Coolers


If you’re hosting your wedding in your own venue and catering yourself, you may be more likely to serve bottled or canned drinks than glasses. 

A great way to decorate these drinks, rather than showing off the brand labels, is to give out pretty, personalised stubby coolers for your guests to use. 


Bottle Openers


Similarly to the stubby coolers, these will come in handy if you are catering your wedding reception with bottled drinks.

However, even if you are celebrating at a venue and have no need for a bottle opener on the night, it is sure to be useful for future celebrations. 

Bottle openers are also among the most commonly misplaced items in Aussie homes, so you can never have too many. 





The last of the drink-related gifts we want to mention are coasters. No one likes the stains that their drinks leave on their good tables. 

Sure, you can pick up cardboard ones at almost any Aussie pub, but they’re only good for one use and they’re generally covered in brand advertising.

Beautiful, custom coasters made out of a decent material are sure to be treasured by your guests and pulled out at future dinner parties. 


Capture the Memories 


While these gifts are often for your guests, it’s important to make sure you capture all the big moments of your celebrations on film. This way you have something more than a beautiful custom trinket to remember all the fun by.

This we can help with. Our photographers love helping you preserve your memories and moments of love shared with your friends and family.

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