Bride and groom kissing captured by wedding photographer in Perth, Australia

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Wedding Photographers all around Australia, Emot is leading the way with a new National wedding photographer online booking service, a bridal couple can now find a reputable dedicated trusted online wedding photographers booking service trusted brand that is not a directory of individual wedding photographers. Stress-free and easy to book.

Why this is so important right now is that individual photographers offer so much variation in price style and availability/unavailability that it is totally confusing, how do brides and grooms really compare apples with apples. it's complex and slow to meticulously create a list to compare comparables.

Emot have a transparent pricing model that is flexible where add ons can be purchased as required, no need to be pre-sold on products you may not need. Get the best price but only what you need.

With photographers vetted and preselected by two industry icons, you can be assured you will have the best wedding photographers on your wedding day.

It's also great to know that you will own all your high-quality images without unnecessary watermarks, professional editing. all this with faster than normal delivery times, you will receive your images within two working days of your wedding day, so that you can share the wedding images as soon as possible, while all your guests and friends are still excited and talking about your wedding.

Being an Australian photography company means we have photographers in new south wales, Sydney in Vitoria Melbourne, in Queensland Brisbane in South Australia Adelaide, in western Australia Perth and Fremantle, In Tasmania Hobart, the Australian capital city Canberra. If its wedding photography in Australia we have it coved.

Photography can be a big part of the wedding budget

At the end of the big day, every detail that you have planned and are including in your wedding day will be remembered and relived through either photography or the wedding video taken on the day.

The wedding venue, the wedding gown or wedding dress, the wedding cake, all the purchases from all the wedding vendors even the wedding reception, will be captured in the photos.

So all that said you need to save and budget as much as you can in the wedding planning stages.

The average wedding budget is no longer the average cost of local wedding vendors.

Everything about wedding planning is a variable and everything in the wedding planning process is about your personal values and your wedding budget and your personal savings and priorities.

No longer is it totally true about who pays for what money on your wedding, in the old days parents would pay for the wedding reception or the wedding gifts, the bridal party might contribute to certain items, wedding costs can quickly get out of hand, but there are ways to save money on your dream day.

Wedding photo captured by wedding photographer in Brisbane, Australia
Wedding photo captured by wedding photographer in Brisbane, Australia

Best deal on Wedding photographers to save money

Back to professional photography, let's prioritise it or rank it in the Hierarchy of wedding needs, it should be at least 10 to 15% of the total wedding costs.

On an average wedding, 50 % usually goes to the reception especially in peak wedding seasons, and the honeymoon can easily cost 20%, there are wedding savings that can be made by booking your wedding day mid-week wedding or at off-peak times

The big-ticket items include wedding gowns, wedding decorations, reception costs include wedding venues and catering costs, floral bouquet, wedding flowers, wedding cakes.

Don't worry there is good news and other ideas on where extra money can be saved, on any destination wedding. A simple way to save money on your wedding is to invite fewer guests just close family an open bar, using the same location for the ceremony and the reception can save time and money the same place can be used for the ceremony and the photography as well, a wedding planner can really help wedding day arrangements, they will also know about the best wedding venue, wedding dress options and even where to find the best wedding cake a wedding coordinator that is on the same page. a wedding planner can help create wedding savings.

A wedding savings plan is also a good idea if you have a bit of time up your sleeve.

Back to photography at Emot, photography and video, we know how to shoot an amazing wedding. we know how important every detail is, including the extended family, the wedding party, the wedding dress, the wedding venue, the wedding cake, the bridal party, the family members, and why it's important to save money, we make sure we respect everyone and create candid easy-going shots that tell the wedding day story in the best possible way, we have packages where you get all your images and can add only what you need as far as add ons, use the hours you need get full copyright of the images. professionally edited images back to you quickly, so that you can enjoy and share the images on social media, days after the wedding, you can even book online

About Emot

Emot Wedding Photography and Videography shoot and capture your day with beautiful, candid imagery and video.

Every member of the Emot Team has been hand-picked by our two founders so you can be sure that the entire Emot Team produces beautiful, quality, candid images of your wedding day.

Emot Wedding Photography Co-Founders

Emot Wedding Photography and Videography shoot is all about capturing emotion and was established in Perth, Western Australia by co-founders Vittorio Natoli and Michael Warshall.

Both Vittorio and Michael are Master photographers and multi-award-winning legends with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

Vittorio is a local photographer and has been a wedding photographer for over 30 years. professional photographers and industry leaders Michael and Vittorio knew it was time to change the photography game.

Vittorio is a wedding photographer, he has worked in the wedding business for over 30 years and has photographed more weddings than most.

We specialise in any destination wedding and our average cost is internally lower than our competitors to help save money for our wedding couples.

We know how important family members are and that anyone on your guest list is there for a reason, we know that this is a big day and we work hard to capture the moments you will treasure forever.

The Close Up Package - $1,099 - includes a booking fee

Ideal for intimate elopements, and smaller more intimate gatherings.

Capturing precious moments and being part of an amazing experience

Packages inclusions:

  • up to 3 hours of consecutive photography including the wedding ceremony
  • around 300 high resolution professionally edited JPEGs
  • your images delivered to your own online image gallery
  • all of your high-res pictures within 2 working day

Wedding albums and books are available as an add on.

The Big Picture Packages - $2099 - includes a booking fee

Capture every emotion of your big day! Perfect for larger occasions involving multiple

Packages inclusions:

  • up to eight hours of consecutive event photography
  • all the photos approximately 600 high resolution professionally edited JPEGs
  • your pictures are delivered to your own gallery online
  • all of your high-resolution photos within 2 working days
  • bridal album and books available as an add on.

Video Wedding Packages

Moving picture big day video package - $2,099 - includes the booking fee

Wedding films Package inclusions: capturing authentic moments:

  • up to 6 hours of consecutive video
  • professionally edited high resolution 30-60 minute video
  • sound from ceremony and speech
  • the unique fusion of video and still photos.

Beach weddings

Professional beach wedding photography

Emot wedding photography and videography

There are so many reasons to have a beach wedding in Australia, it's fun, we are surrounded by beautiful beaches we know the best way to photograph casual fun candid photographs up and down our great coastline. Some of the most popular beaches to be professionally photographed are listed below in state order, the list of beach wedding locations is too comprehensive for this article, but beach weddings are popular as are beach wedding ceremonies and beach wedding receptions, there lots to consider with a destination wedding including beach wedding decor wedding guest accessibility, the number of wedding guests the wedding day weather and alternative arrangements should the beach venue decide to create crashing waves.

All these considerations aside beach wedding locations are a preferred wedding venue favoured by Australian couples that love the outdoors.

Take a look at Tina & Stewart's beach wedding for some real wedding inspiration.

Beach wedding photos ideas

Australian Beach Weddings

A Beach wedding ceremony can be and are held at various times of the day at sunrise, during the day often at 3 pm and also at sunset. to capture romantic moments in majestic surroundings, from a photography perspective each of these times changes the light and the feel and mood of the day, wide-angle lens and telephoto lens are preferred to take the best shots, causal foot-ware or bare feet give the most flexibility if by far if you are moving around the sand. depending on where the ceremony is held you can see the ocean palm trees, often there is a resort connected to the location which makes the whole process easier elegant, these locations are ideal at sunset and are the most amazing backdrop for resort-style wedding functions.

Emot photography and videography love to capture the fun of location beach photography.

Destination weddings

Excellent customer service and wedding day ideas including flip flop wedding cake wedding planner wedding favour, sand in your shoes, ocean sounds, guests beat, shoe station big day decorations, table numbers more wedding ideas. place cards, night games, and special day event sequences, using a wedding planner will help you organise your day. centrepieces, flowers guest photo ideas, groomsmen

Beach Wedding Ceremony

The bride and groom look forward to the ceremony and the reception to follow it will be a fun day the theme and decor have been planed the sun is shining on the beach the ceremony is about to take place, the groom and groomsmen are nervous and excited about the day and ceremony. what will the dresses look like? All the guests have arrived, it's imminent now the bride and groom will soon be married.

The bride and groom have prepared everything guests list table numbers who sits with who.

The classic theme wedding ideas. Capturing the moment by the sea, guests waiting for the bride to walk down to the beach ceremony spot, the groom and groomsmen are waiting for the bride to be walked down the aisle as guests watch for the groom to react to the bride with emotion after the ceremony the bride and groom walking down the aisle as man and wife to the beach for congratulations and photos.

The focus of weddings, all the shots and moments are important at weddings, the whole entire shot list is the starting point with the perfect venue the entire wedding party bride, groom, tiny details, flower girls intimate moments, quiet moment, candid moments, the parents' couple all the friends and another married couple, the room decor shots the table settings, the close family members, the quiet moments the wedding collections all the wedding photographs the flower girls the mother couple mingling, the table decorations, the table settings, the bridal party entering the room, the first kiss, the bridal party sitting on the bridal table, the secret smile all part of the shot list, close friend, best friend, first kiss, our talented photographers are the right person to shot the real passion and emotion in the shot list, our entire team understands how to capture a moment to tell a story, it's all about wedding photos and great wedding photos at that. the final images are a combination of the natural photograph taken on the day and the candid shots


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