How Emot Makes Wedding Photography Easy

Wedding photography isn't for the faint hearted. Not every wedding photographer is up for the challenge due to the high expectations the wedding day involves.

Unlike product photography, fashion photography or food photography - wedding photographers can't take their time and recreate a scene to get the shot. Wedding photographers have one chance to capture a special moment or they might miss capturing those special wedding memories.

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Photographing a wedding

Capturing all the emotions and beautiful moments at the wedding venue is tougher than it looks. The job is high pressure and fast paced but here at Emot wedding photography - we absolutely love it.

For couples currently on the hunt for the best wedding photographer for their wedding day, we urge you to do your research. You don't want to pick the first wedding photographer you find. You need to get to know the business so you feel confident knowing that you're in capable and confident hands.

Now we can't speak for other businesses in the wedding photography industry, but we can certainly speak for ourselves and explain how Emot wedding photography makes wedding photography easy!

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What are the qualities of a good photographer?

When it comes to wedding photography, there are many aspects that make an amazing wedding photographer. However, these qualities can be boiled down to three important traits.

  1. Skill

    Firstly, a great wedding photographer must be able to produce great wedding photos. It might sound obvious, but it's a hard skill to acquire. It takes a great deal of technique and experience to be able to be capture everything on the wedding day.

    From the beautiful wedding photos of the bride and groom, those fun candid images, and those meaningful family photos - there's a lot to shoot in one day! Wedding photographers must hold the skill and experience to shoot a wedding day and show beautiful photos to the bride and groom at the end.

  2. Personality

    Although wedding photographers work behind a lens, working with people is a huge part of the job. A fantastic wedding photographer knows how to be personable, friendly and make the bride and groom feel at ease in stressful moments.

    The bride and groom, bridal party or a family member might feel uncomfortable with wedding photographers taking their photo. Talented photographers recognise these moments, know how to speak to the wedding guests and make the individual feel at ease with the whole process.

    Every Emot photographer has been hand-picked for their personalities that can make even the most camera shy feel comfortable in photos.

  3. Professionalism

    Although wedding coverage is great fun, wedding photographers need to hold a level of professionalism. Professional wedding photographers understand the importance of their role, are diligent with capturing the wedding day and are efficient with the wedding photography post production too.

    The wedding photographs are incredibly important pieces of memorabilia that the bride and groom will cherish forever - it's essential that the wedding photography is delivered professionally, efficiently and in the correct format.

    Professional wedding photographers should offer their wedding photos in an online gallery. This allows the bride and groom to browse their great wedding photography and pick out their best wedding photos.

Recipe for a great wedding photographer

A combination of these three traits for a wedding photographer will make all the difference on your wedding day. Browse through the website of the wedding photographer before booking to ensure they meet these qualities.

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What makes Emot wedding photography unique

Here at Emot, we've been in the wedding photography industry for decades. We understand wedding photography inside and out.

From the wedding ceremony, to the wedding party - our photography and videography packages are refined, professional and dedicated to providing you with the best service. In fact, Emot wedding photography was founded by a team of industry leaders whom saw a need for a reliable wedding photography business. With decades of experience behind them, the founders built Emot wedding photography, connecting some of Australia's best wedding photographers with couples.

Simply put - your wedding day is our priority and always such a pleasure capturing wedding photography for each and every wedding ceremony. It's in our due diligence to make sure you feel excited for your wedding day photography.

Here's how we make your wedding day easy, one photograph at a time!

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No strings attached to your wedding photography

Tie the knot without any strings attached! There's nothing worse than organising your wedding photography - or any wedding planning for that matter - only to be met with an unexpected booking fee later. We're not about that.

Our team at Emot offer clear, simple and affordable photography and videography packages. There's no extra booking fee hiding in the fine print. What you see is what you get. Amazing photos, professional photographers and excellent customer service.

Wait less for wedding day photos

We understand the demands of the modern day wedding photography industry. Customers want their wedding photos quickly and efficiently. Here at Emot, we have the expertise to provide exactly that.

Your wedding day is an exciting experience, it makes sense that you want your wedding photography as quickly as possible. And, guess what.. Couples can share their photos within just two working days of their wedding – and will own every single one forever! We repeat, just two working days!!

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Photography and videography

Alongside beautiful wedding photos, Emot also captures your gorgeous wedding via videography. Depending on your wants and needs, we create wedding packages that can combine both wedding photography and videography. Check out our packages here.

Create your own package

Speaking of wedding photography packages, you can even create your own package during the booking process. We've put together three main packages - the Big Picture Package, Close Up package and the Video package, that you can alter to your needs to make your unique dream love story.

Choose to have videos at your wedding, a moving picture package, a second photographer and even engagement photos. The options are endless!

If you have special requirements, we're here to accommodate! If you're dying to get great photos at golden hour with your other half - we'll make it happen! If you prefer candid shots over staged wedding images - we'll get those moments captured.

Simply add a note during the wedding planning process online or chat to our team over email or phone.

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Quick and efficient processes

Gone are the days of tedious booking systems and endless paperwork - our website is incredibly easy to use. To book a photography and videography package simply head to BOOK NOW on the website and fill out the details. In 4 simple steps, your photographer will be all booked in.

Friendly and professional wedding photographer team

Every wedding photographer and videographer apart of the Emot team has been carefully selected to provide the very best service. We take wedding photography seriously and understand the meaningful importance your wedding day holds. All of our photography services are organised by professional photographers whom capture beautiful images.

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Locations across Australia

We are spread all across the country! Whether you're looking for a Sydney wedding photographer or a photographer in Perth - Emot has expert wedding photographers in multiple locations across Australia.

Different location, different wedding photographer yet, same high quality professionalism that is next to impossible to beat. We can meet you at your wedding venue, no matter where you are in Australia.

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Amazing moments, amazing photos and an amazing photographer

When you have an amazing photographer, it makes your whole wedding day feel easy breezy.

There's already plenty of stress that comes with a wedding day, the last thing you need is a wedding photographer making you feel nervous about getting your wedding photo taken! No matter the style of photo whether it be posed shots or candid moments - your wedding photographer should make you feel cool and confident.

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We love photographing weddings!

We're passionate about photographing weddings. It brings us great happiness capturing all of the special moments and spontaneous moments on your wedding day that you will treasure forever. It's our duty to match you with a fantastic photographer to bring your wedding photo dreams to fruition.

Plus - we offer our wedding services in locations far and wide. Need Sydney wedding photography? No problem. Planning a special wedding in the Blue Mountains? We'll travel to you. Or, perhaps you're sneaking off to the Hunter Valley? We'll meet you there.

As award winning industry leaders, we understand the importance of having a great photographer on your wedding day. We're here to help.

If you have any questions, talk to our team today. It would be such a pleasure speaking with you.

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