How To Navigate Wedding Planning During Covid

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Are you feeling overwhelmed planning a wedding during Covid? These past few years have been tough for couples, vendors, and the entire wedding industry. To make things a bit easier for you while you navigate wedding planning during these uncertain times, we have put together a Covid wedding planning guide.

Our Guide to Navigating Wedding Planning During Covid

1. Choose a vendor with flexibility.

With Covid comes uncertainty. There is a chance that you might have to postpone your wedding or one of your vendors might have to isolate on your special day. Choosing a vendor that is flexible with their availability and has a back up to take their place if for some reason they can't make it to your wedding is important. Of course, your vendors will do everything they can to make sure they are able to attend your wedding as planned but it is always good to have that peace of mind that if they can't make it, there will be someone there to replace them. At Emot, we have a team of photographers. This means that if for some reason, your photographer is unable to attend your wedding, there will be another member of our team to take their place. 

2. Check your vendors Covid postponement and cancellation policies before you make your booking. 

Let's be real, your wedding may be cancelled because of Covid. When planning for your wedding, it is important to check your vendors postponement and cancellation policies. Some vendors may charge you a fee for postponing or cancelling your wedding, even if your wedding doesn't go ahead because of Covid. At Emot, we offer free postponements to make things easier for our couples during this difficult time.

3.  Stay up to date with the latest rules and regulations.

The rules and regulations surrounding Covid in each state change regularly. Staying up to date with these rules and regulations is important to make sure that your wedding can go ahead as planned. One of the main rules that affect weddings is capacity limits. If you are planning to have your wedding inside, we recommend booking a venue that is also able to host your wedding outside incase the capacity limits change and your indoor venue is no longer able to accommodate all of your guests. 

4. Consider having a small wedding.

One of the best ways to avoid Covid affecting your wedding is to have a small wedding. With a smaller number of guests, your wedding is less likely to be cancelled because of ever changing rules and regulations surrounding the number of people allowed at gatherings and social distancing rules. With a small number of guests, it is also easier to postpone your wedding to a date where all of your guests are free should your original date be cancelled.

5. Check the vaccination requirements in your area.

Depending on your state and the size of your venue, you and your guests may be required to show proof of vaccination at your wedding. Make sure to check the vaccination requirements in your state and book vaccinated vendors if required to ensure that everything runs smoothly on your special day. 

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