Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Confetti

Wedding confetti is one of those simple yet essential pieces to your wedding day that you simply can't forget!

Confetti adds great fun to every situation they're thrown into (literally). Whether it's the bride and groom saying "I do" at the wedding ceremony or when the guests throw confetti at the newly married couple as they enter the wedding reception - confetti makes for fun ways to celebrate and add colour to photos.

You might not know this but there's many different types of wedding confetti. Paper confetti, tissue paper confetti, flower petals or biodegradable confetti - there are simply so many options!

In this blog, we share with you everything you need to know about confetti and the best moments to throw confetti at your wedding. Prepare yourself for some fun!

bridesmaid walking down aisle surrounded by confetti

Wedding confetti history

Modern confetti can be traced back to the middle ages where there were symbolic rituals of tossing confetti during special occasions. Tossing confetti was (and still is) to celebrate success, happiness and good luck, transpiring through cultures.

In Northern Italy tossing confetti was most common for carnivals where uncooked rice, eggs, coins and fruit were thrown to celebrate. Soon, eggs were banned from throwing (for obvious reasons) and instead sweets and seeds were tossed. In fact, in 18th-century Italian, confetti meant “little sweets" so it makes sense that eggs were replaced with lollies and chocolate.

Tossing confetti developed and popularised over the centuries. It was a fun way to celebrate across Italy, soon other European nations adopted the tradition. Quickly, tossing confetti spread through Europe, and then - the world!

From the iconic New Years Eve confetti blast in Paris, to the many US game shows, to the countless weddings and celebrations with confetti throws. Although used in many different contexts, the core celebratory meaning is consistent.

Now, confetti is an important part of celebrations adding joy and excitement to any event or venue they're thrown into.

confetti on aisle at Perth wedding

Wedding confetti ideas

There are lots of ideas for wedding confetti!

As long as the confetti thrown is light so it won't hurt the bride and groom yet, not so light that it can't be thrown - then it can be wedding confetti! It's always a good idea to choose bright colours too so the confetti adds colourful fun to the wedding photos.

If you're choosing to have wedding confetti in a few different spots, pick different confetti to match the mood of the setting. Natural petal confetti creates a stunning romantic aesthetic whereas rice paper confetti is more casual and light hearted. Metallic confetti will work perfectly for an evening or winter wedding when it might be darker lighting.

Most popular: paper confetti

The most popular choice for confetti thrown is paper confetti! Paper confetti can be purchased in any colour you would like. If you have a specific wedding look, you can even pick a colour to match your wedding day's aesthetic.

Traditional paper confetti is a classic option that works great for any wedding theme.

Environmentally friendly confetti options

For those who are environmentally conscious, it's good to consider other eco friendly options to traditional paper confetti.

You can make your own confetti by using old newspapers. Or, for colourful confetti chop up magazines that feature lots of photos and colours. Anything you think you can repurpose into confetti is a fun option that doesn't mean you have to buy paper to simply throw away.

Other eco friendly confetti alternatives are choosing organic materials such as confetti petals or even edible confetti canons. You can arrange rose petal confetti or dried petals with your florist that look beautiful thrown as confetti. For edible confetti cannons, you can throw confetti sprinkles or sugared almonds.

bride and groom walking down aisle after wedding ceremony in Brisbane

When to throw confetti

The most common time for throwing confetti is when the bride and groom walk down the aisle after saying "I do" at the ceremony venue. This is a beautiful, exciting and heartfelt moment that is really made complete with the guests throwing confetti in celebration.

Other times for confetti throwing is when the officially married couple enter the wedding reception for the first time or, even throughout the wedding celebrations with compressor cannons.

Confetti is also a fun addition to include with your wedding decor throughout your wedding venues. Sprinkle table confetti along the wedding reception tables, on the dance floor and even on the wedding cake!

Be aware, many venues might have rules with throwing confetti so check with the wedding venue manager to ensure you're following the rules.

flower boy throwing confetti at Brisbane wedding

How to throw confetti

Speak with your wedding events manager or your maid of honour about when you would like wedding confetti thrown. Consider what kind of wedding photos you would like the wedding photographer to capture too as this will play a big role in when the confetti is thrown.

For weddings where guests will throw as the bride and groom walk down the aisle, its important that the guests are given confetti bags at the correct time.

couple walking down aisle at Brisbane wedding

Best photos for the confetti throw

Getting the confetti shot is a must for all weddings.

One of our all-time favourites is when the couple walks down the aisle and the wedding guests throw confetti over the couple. It's great fun for the many guests as well as the bride and groom who won't be able to help but laugh.

Capturing these excited and happy reactions make for great confetti shots. The happy couple as they are showered in petals. The bridal party as they laugh at their married friends. The many guests as they enjoy throwing paper or petal confetti at the couple. Everyone enjoys the activity.

Some other wedding ideas for the confetti throw photos is when the married couple step onto the dance floor for their first dance. Or, during the bride and groom photoshoot.

It's always a good idea to talk with your photographer on what confetti will be thrown and when the confetti throwing will happen. Photographers rely on the wedding schedule to know when the photo-worthy opportunities are going to arise.

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