How To Capture The Perfect Champagne Pop

Your wedding day is a time to celebrate and what better way to celebrate then to pop a bottle of bubbly with your wedding party after your ceremony! Not only will this create a beautiful moment between you, your partner, and your guests, it is also the perfect opportunity for your photographer to capture some epic action shots. Continue reading for our guide to capturing the perfect champagne pop on you special day.

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1. Choose Your Location Wisely.

A beautiful location can make your champagne pop photo truly magical. When choosing your photo location, we recommend choosing somewhere with a simple, but beautiful backdrop so that your photo is free from distractions in the background and is all about that magical moment. We also strongly suggest choosing an outdoor location to minimize clean up after the photo.

2. More Champagne = More Fun.

Yes, you can create an epic champagne pop photo with one bottle of champagne but why let just one person have all the fun? We recommend purchasing multiple bottles of champagne for you, your partner, and even your wedding party if you want to include them in your champagne pop photo. We know that champagne can be expensive, especially with multiple bottles. Our next step will help you create the perfect shot and keep costs down.

3. Save The Expensive Stuff For Your Reception.

We are sure that you know that the best way to keep costs down is to buy the cheapest bottle of bubbles possible. But this isn't always the best option, especially if you want your champagne pop photo to include a beautiful Moet bottle or your favourite champagne. Our best trick to keep costs down and have the bottle that you want in your photo is to swap labels. Purchase those cheap bottles of bubbly and replace the labels with the bottle you want. This way you can get the perfect champagne pop photo and save the expensive stuff to share with guests at your reception.

3. Pop. Hold. Shake. Spray.

Now that you are all set with a beautiful location and your champagne all that is left to do is pop, hold, shake, and spray. Pop your bottle of champagne, hold your thumb over the opening, shake the bottle, and then spray your champagne and enjoy the moment!

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