Beautiful Wedding Venues Around Sydney

Is your wedding day fast approaching and you still don’t know exactly where you want to tie the knot? Let us help you!

Choosing the perfect venue for your wedding can be difficult due to the wide variety of amazing options available. To help you narrow your search down a little we have compiled a list of some of the best venues around Sydney.

Heritage Listed


Beautiful Wedding Venues Around Sydney

Australia is a country rich with history. While modern venues are stunning, don’t forget about the historical ones either. 

Enjoy a wedding experience that transcends time by time travelling to an earlier period. Any of Australia’s heritage listed event spaces will provide you, your partner, and your wedding guests with a truly special location for your extra special day. 

There are heritage listed buildings and locations all around Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. If you’re looking for a traditional style wedding experience, you could consider some of the older chapels and cathedrals. Or perhaps if you’re looking for a heritage reception space then you could consider one of the historical houses that are scattered around.

A couple of the best heritage listed venues around Sydney include: 

Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains national park is heritage listed, so they could come under the above heading, however we believe they deserve their own section. The Blue Mountains are known for their dramatic scenery that serve as the perfect backdrop for any event, making them especially popular for wedding celebrations. 

The national park also offers a wide range of stunning photo opportunities with the stunning panoramic views, nature, and potential wildlife encounters. The natural light and rainbow of colours from any of the lookout points at just around sunset is phenomenal and will look amazing in the back of your wedding photos. 

A couple of the picturesque venues the Blue Mountains have to offer, include:



Beautiful Wedding Venues Around Sydney

Our beautiful country is completely surrounded by water, with many natural and artificial water features around the country as well, waterfront venues are highly popular for weddings. 

Waterfront venues can be outdoors right on the beach with the sand between your toes or inside a building with vast glass windows providing unobstructed views of the water behind you. Your options really are endless. 

Sydney has a wide range of waterfront locations from the world renowned Sydney Harbour to Bondi beach to Botany Bay and so much more. 

A couple of the best waterfront Sydney wedding venues include: 



Beautiful Wedding Venues Around Sydney

Parklands are stunning backdrops for garden ceremonies filled with colour and life. 

Many venues no matter where they are located have adjoining gardens or parkland, some may even have water features, so you can really get the best of all worlds. There are also a number of dedicated parklands that are perfect for events, like weddings, with existing arbours and gardens for you to pose in front of. 

Sydney has a wide range of beautiful parklands, that lend themselves perfectly to weddings, including:

Unique & Intimate Venues


Beautiful Wedding Venues Around Sydney

Your wedding is all about showing off you and your partner’s personalities, so why not choose a venue that is completely unique to the two of you.

For example, we were privileged to be invited to photograph a couple’s wedding at a lovely Italian restaurant, Enzo’s Cucina, in Camden followed by an intimate photoshoot at the nearby airport. 

Other unique venues can include an intimate wedding in your backyard or at a property owned by a family member or a friend. If you don’t have access to a private property, there are a number of beautiful and intimate wedding venues in Sydney and its surrounding suburbs. 

If you don’t have access to your own private venue, here are a couple of intimate venues around Sydney for you to consider: 

Capture Your Wedding at Your Venue

This list is far from exhaustive and shows that there are many beautiful venues perfect for your wedding in Sydney or the surrounding areas. 

If you’re excited to celebrate your special day at any of these venues or anywhere else in or around Sydney or New South Wales, our professional photographers can help. We have professional wedding photographers and videographers based all around Sydney and the surrounding suburbs 

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