5 Stunning Wedding Locations in South East Queensland

Choosing the perfect venue for your wedding can be a difficult decision, as there are so many beautiful locations. The first decision is to choose the basic backdrop and theme you want. Once you have a vision, narrowing down the venue will be easier.

If you are planning to get married in South East Queensland the variety and options are endless. 

Let’s take a look at 5 of the best wedding locations that Brisbane and the surrounding coasts have to offer. 


1. Beachside

5 Stunning Wedding Locations in South East Queensland

South East Queensland is known for its breathtaking golden beaches and crystal horizons that serve as the perfect backdrop for any event, especially wedding days. 

There are many beachside wedding venues across the sunny Sunshine and Gold Coasts. Many are all inclusive with onsite accommodation and beautiful indoor and outdoor areas for you to celebrate your big day. However, if you’re looking for a more DIY event, you can set up on the sand and hire just about any nearby function room for your reception. 

Just a couple of the stunning beachside venues the coasts have to offer, include:


2. Hinterland

The hinterland boasts vast mountainous, river and forest views that will serve as the perfect backdrop for your ceremony and reception. The Sunshine and Gold Coasts also offer great hinterland locations with endless photo opportunities. 

The Sunshine Coast Hinterland will provide views of the coastline from Moreton Island to Noosa, with unique wedding venues nestled in the understated villages of Maleny, Montville, Flaxton, and Mapleton. 

The Gold Coast Hinterland boasts views of stunning national parks and heritage listed rainforests and wildlife reserves. 

A selection of the beautiful hinterland venues the south east corner offers, include: 


3. Gardens

5 Stunning Wedding Locations in South East Queensland

Who doesn’t love gardens in their wedding photos? 

Sure, fake flowers are nice, but thriving gardens and native wildflowers add the perfect pop of life and colour to your wedding decor and photos. 

Another great thing about gardens is that there are plants for every location, meaning there are beautiful gardens across the whole south east corner. A garden venue can also co-exist with any of the other venue ideas you had in mind. For example, many hinterland venues will give you both the stunning hinterland views and colourful gardens all in the one location. 

Some of the magnificent gardens on the south east corner include: 


4. Lake/River Side

5 Stunning Wedding Locations in South East Queensland

Just as beachside weddings are highly sought after, so are lake and river side weddings. There’s something about the way the water reflects the light that calms that adds to the wedding experience and photos. 

Fortunately for brides and grooms wishing to marry in south east Queensland, there is no shortage of enchanting lakes and rivers both man-made and natural. 

The Brisbane River and its bank also lend itself as a perfect wedding ceremony location, with magnificent water and city views. 

Some of the unique waterside venues the South East corner has to offer include:


5. Country

Australia is all about country life, so why not reflect that in your wedding? 

You could use your own property if you have one in the family or rent a venue that offers a countryside backdrop for your big day. Weddings among the gum trees and wildlife are uniquely Aussie venues that will impress your international guests (if you have any) and provide long lasting memories for everyone. 

The options are endless when you go to the country. You could dine under the stars with a bonfire to create an intimate atmosphere for your reception venue or go inside a barn for a more cosy feel. 

If you don’t have access to a private countryside property, here is just a couple of stunning country venues that South East Queensland has to offer: 


Capture Your Wedding at Your Venue

Now that you have a range of venues to consider, you can start to think about the photos you want to take there and the style you want your wedding to have. 

If you’re interested in getting married at any of these venues or anywhere else in the South East region of Queensland, our photographers have you covered. We have professional wedding photographers and videographers based all across the south east corner, from the stunning Sunshine Coast, to inner city Brisbane and down to the sunny Gold Coast as well. 

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