10 Power Couple Wedding Poses

10 power couple wedding poses

Wedding photography is all about capturing the fresh glow and love shared between newlyweds. While the love and happiness will be radiating from the couple, there are some poses that help capture it. 

While your wedding photographer on the day will be able to direct you and help you get into the perfect poses, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared with a few poses of your own.

These 10 pose ideas should help you get prepared for your big day. 

1. Forehead Kiss

forehead kiss couple wedding poses

Forehead kisses are a sweet and classic pose for weddings. This pose will portray a caring and intimately connected relationship

Not only is it a super romantic pose, but it can also help you and your partner relax if you’re tensing up in front of the camera.


2. Dramatic Dip

Dramatic Dip couple wedding poses

This pose is great with and without a kiss. If you want extra cinematics and romance then definitely go for the kiss. 

A candid, unexpected dip on the dance floor even if it doesn’t include a kiss, will look great too because the pure surprise and joy will make up for it. 


3. Intimate Stroll 

Intimate Stroll couple wedding poses

Strolling shots capture an intimate moment between you and your partner. These shots can be taken at any venue: in the gardens, street, or in a field. 

Strolling shots when captured from behind are also a great way to show off the back of your stunning dress. 


4. Romantic Spin

Romantic Spin couple wedding poses

The romantic spin is a great way to add depth and movement to your still shots. This depth is perfect for showing off your dress in motion, especially if it’s a one with a flowing train.

This is a fun pose that lets you and your partner play around together a bit and loosen up any nerves you may be feeling about being on display and being photographed.


5. The Lift

The Lift couple wedding poses

Staying with the action theme, a pose that captures a lift or you jumping into your partner’s arms is great. This also perfectly encapsulates the term ‘swept off your feet’. 

This pose is sure to elicit some candid smiles and laughter which looks amazing in photos. 

If you want to add even more motion, you can merge the spin and lift poses together, this will create a beautiful shot with your veil spinning around you both. 


6. Sweet Embrace

Sweet Embrace couple wedding poses

A sweet embrace can convey many raw emotions between a couple. 

This pose can be staged in many unique ways. For a relaxed look, you can rest your head on your partner’s shoulder and look back at the camera. If you’re looking for a more intimate shot then you could both hide your faces in each other’s necks.


7. Holding Hands and Gazing into Each Other’s Eyes

Holding Hands couple wedding poses

This pose can look almost like you’re entranced by each other, which you should be on your wedding day. 

It creates an intimate feeling, as if you’re the only one’s in that moment, and portrays the immense love shared between you. The key to this shot is capturing the candid intimacy between you and your partner, so this shot is best taken in a secluded area where it is just the two of you and your photographer. 

Candid moments are the best shots on wedding days, as they capture the fresh love shared between a new bride and groom. 


8. Cutting the Cake

Cutting the Cake couple wedding poses

This is an obvious inclusion for any wedding, but is so easy to miss when you’re so eager to taste the beautiful creation before you. 

Just remember to take a moment before actually making the first cut and pose for the camera. A great pose of this moment is to share the knife handle and hold it just above the cake and gaze into each other’s eyes. 

Alternatively, if you want a funny shot you could start a food fight or each take a big bite out of the cake. 


9. First Dance

First Dance couple wedding poses

This is another obvious shot, but is just as easily missed once the music starts. 

If you’re planning on a faster dance then you may want to take a moment to get a shot before the music starts. However, if you’re planning on a slow waltz then your photographer should be able to get a shot easily. 

These shots are another great way to show motion in a candid moment. 


10. The Kiss

The Kiss couple wedding poses

This is the ultimate key shot at any wedding. The first kiss is such a special moment that signifies the official start of your marriage.

The moment will be a bit spontaneous which is perfect, but it can be a good idea to have a plan for what you want this moment to look like, even if you forget it on the big day. 


Wedding Photographers 

Our professional photographers at Emot have years of experience with couple photography and a wealth of pose ideas. They will guide you through a range of poses to showcase your love and happiness so you can treasure the memories of your big day for years to come. 

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