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Money Saving Wedding Tips

Planning a big wedding but don’t want to break the bank? You don’t have to. We’ve heard plenty of horror stories of people spending tens of thousands of dollars on the single day. It can definitely add up quickly! Allow us to be your wedding planner and help you stick to your budget.

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Our Favourite Wedding Trends of 2022

Attention love birds, here we spill the tea on the 2022 wedding trends we’ve loved so far! And, spoiler alert… they might not be what you first thought! Wedding trends in 2020/21 were a little bit unexpected as many couples had to postpone their wedding day due to COVID-19 restrictions. As COVID continued to interrupt wedding plans over the past few years, wedding trends changed from big and elaborate to a small guest list with an intimate location.

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Ideas that will make your wedding reception on to remember

There’s lots of unique wedding ideas you can use to plan your wedding reception. So much so, that the wedding planning process can be quite overwhelming! If this sounds familiar, there’s no need to worry – we’re here to make the planning process easier.

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Pros And Cons of a Sunset Wedding Ceremony

Sunsets are one of nature’s amazing gifts to us that are often highly sought after for wedding ceremonies. However, although sunset weddings are undeniably beautiful, like everything in life, unfortunately they do have some cons. Here, we break down the pros and cons of a sunset wedding so you can understand the full picture of what sunset weddings truly involve.

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First Dance Song Ideas

Symbolising the new love and unity of the couple, the first dance is a heartfelt event of the wedding day. The wedding music that plays for this moment is so crucial that it ends up becoming synonymous with the wedding for years to come. It’s important then, to pick first dance songs that you will forever cherish and enjoy.

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Your Guide To Wedding Dress Codes

No one wants to be the woman or man who dresses too formal or too casual for a wedding! It’s important to find out what’s expected of the wedding guest dress code so you don’t stick out like a sore thumb at your friend’s big day!

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Top 8 Winter Wedding Ideas

There’s something so special about a winter wedding. They have the potential to feel intimate and cosy and when matched with the right wedding venue your wedding screams winter wonderland.

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Wedding Cake Ideas and Alternatives

The wedding cake is an exciting component of your wedding day that is cut and served at the wedding reception following dinner. Not only is it a delicious dessert to be eaten and enjoyed but also, it’s a beautiful centerpiece that usually has a designated dessert table at the wedding reception.

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Top 7 Wedding Colour Schemes of 2022

It’s one of the most important styling decisions you will make for your wedding day… no pressure or anything – but your wedding colours are kind of a big deal! To give you a head start on planning your wedding day – here, we’ve listed the top 7 wedding colour ideas you need to know.

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