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Articles, ideas, and wedding photography inspiration for your big day.

Why You Should Consider Unplugging Your Wedding Ceremony

Have you considered ‘unplugging’ your ceremony? It’s a great way to encourage your guests to put their phones away and be there in the moment with you. Keep reading for our top three reasons why you should consider unplugging your wedding ceremony!

Our 2021 Wedding Photography Survey Results

Our latest survey results are in! We contacted our database of thousands of engaged couples Australia-wide with a comprehensive survey to see how Covid-19 has changed their wedding plans with a primary focus on wedding photography.

Wedding Reception Games and Traditions

Arguably one of the most well-known wedding traditions is the bouquet toss. In this tradition, the bride tosses her bouquet of flowers, and a group of single ladies attempt to catch it.

Reception Moments That You Don’t Want To Miss

Your ceremony is over, time to celebrate your first few hours as a married couple with your family and friends! Make sure your wedding photographer is there to capture images that will make you laugh.

Ceremony Moments That You Don’t Want to Miss

It’s your big day, your wedding. You have spent so much time and money on this one day that you will remember forever. Make sure you capture all the important ceremony moments.

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